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Thai Kaeng Lieng Soup (Vegetable Soup) Recipe

A spicy, vegetable-rich dish, this is a hearty Thai Kaeng Lieng Soup with fresh sharp flavors. Ideal for a cold winters day. As with many Thai recipes, this is a very healthy low-fat meal. As such its a big hit with those watching their calorie intake. Continue reading

Thai Jungle Curry Recipe

Thai Jungle Curry Recipe! This is a vegetable rich, spicy, soup-like curry, that resembles a broth.

In this recipe, I have used fish, but this can be substituted for chicken, pork, beef, Tofu, or can just be left with vegetables as the main ingredient. Continue reading

Fried Beef With Garlic and Pepper Recipe

In this Fried Beef With Garlic and Pepper Recipe, I have used beef, but it also works well on any meat, as well as shrimps and prawns. This is one of the easiest recipes to prepare and cook and tastes delicious.

Ideal as a snack or a main meal, I find that beef with garlic and pepper goes particularly well with sangsom, or if you don’t have sangsom, any type of whiskey will do! Continue reading

Pad Thai Recipe

Pad Thai Recipe is a stir fried noodle dish, traditionally made with shrimps or prawns but can also be made with pork, chicken, beef, and even tofu. It can be made to be dry and light or heavy and oily depending on your tastes. Continue reading