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What Is the Best Pasta Maker Brand?


There’s nothing more delicious than freshly prepared pasta with the sauce of your choice. With the best pasta maker, you can enjoy such a fantastic meal at the comfort of your home. You’ll have everything just as you like it so as to enjoy fabulous dishes from time to time. But how can you know the best pasta makers from dozens of different products we have in the market? To find out what is the best pasta maker brand for you, check out our detailed reviews of the top 5 pasta makers plus an information guide you should look at when buying your equipment

What is the Best pasta maker Brand in 2017

1. Imperia Pasta Maker By Cucinapro

Best Pasta Maker Imperia-Pasta-MakerThis pasta maker brand has got a classic roller design. It operates manually and has a double cutter head for roller adjustments. The unit is made in Italy thus making it meticulous regarding the quality of cooking, especially when making your favorite dish. Moreover, Imperia pasta is a brand that holds a good reputation in the market. It measures 8.1 × 7.2 × 6.2- inches. Its dimensions are quite reasonable and can easily fit on the kitchen countertop, table, or island. Most importantly, the Cucina Pro is made from a chrome-plated steel, a material that is strong enough and resistant to both rust and corrosion

The unit is very stable when positioned on a countertop. It has a clamp that makes it securely in place and also makes the turning of the arm much easier to ensure optimal results. Its handle is made of wood which makes it durable and beautiful as well. You can enjoy a firm grip on the handle. Also, the arm turns swiftly with less effort on your side. The appliance is easy to use, but its instructions are not particularly clear. Besides, this would not hinder you from using it.

The Cucina Pro pasta brand comes with a six-inch wide roller for making wide pasta sheets in case you desire one. This roller can be adjusted into different positions depending on the thickness of the pasta you want. This gives the user room for experimentation. The positions are easy to turn since they are set with a knob, so you should not worry about changing to the position of your choice

Ideally, the double cutter head allows you to make spaghetti and fettuccine, two of the most common types of pasta. The pieces come out just perfect, so you should not worry about sticking together either. To make other types of pasta, you’ll need extra attachments.


• Strong and durable
• Quite versatile
• Stable & relatively compact
• Excellent performer
• Easy to use and adjust


• Additional attachments are bought separately
• The English instructions are not very clear

2. HomeStart HST-5018 Pasta Maker

Best Pasta Maker

HomeStart HST-5018 Pasta Maker

The HomeStart HST 5018 is a new player in the market. It’s designed to make some of the most common types of pasta such as noodles, spaghetti, and fettuccine. An interesting thing about this unit is, a few of its materials are made from case hardened steel while the other components are made from anodized aluminium.

The equipment measures 7.85 × 8.25 × 6.15 and weighs 6.2 pounds. So, it doesn’t take much space of your kitchen space and weighs just enough to be able to carry around. The clamp packed inside the unit is a great feature for maintaining stability while working on the equipment. This allows for greater accuracy without much-needed effort on your side.

The unit also has rollers and cutters made from anodized aluminium. This allows them to have a better traction with your dough, hence the risks of getting less perfect pieces of pasta are minimized. Apart from being lightweight, the machine is extremely durable. On the other hand, its gears are made from case-hardened steel that has excellent resistance to damage whilst being very tough. The HST 5018 long arm is easy to turn. Its resistance is good enough to give the user a pasta cut with accuracy without getting a workout. Although the handle is made of plastic which might not be appealing to some, it’s quite ergonomic

Interestingly, this pasta maker allows you to pick up to nine different roller positions to get the pasta thickness of your choice. You can make super thin pasta just 0.3 mm, or quite thick, 2.4 mm, or size you want. Moreover, you can use cutters to make noodles, spaghetti, fettuccini plus lasagna sheets to mention just a few


• Easy to use
• Innovative make
• Effective performance
• Sturdy construction
• A wide spectrum of thickness options


• Has a plastic handle which might not be appealing to many

3. Marcato Atlas Wellness-150 Pasta Maker

Best Pasta Maker Marcato-Atlas-Wellness-150If you are looking forward to buying a best pasta maker made from Italy, you should check what Marcato Atlas has to offer. This unit is made for home use. Some of its key features include anodized aluminium rollers & cutters plus a nine setting for different dough thickness.

The Marcato Atlas pasta maker measures 8 × 8 × 7 – inches. It may appear a bit larger than Cucina Pro and HST 5018, but it fits pretty well even on narrower and crowded tables or countertops

The unit has enough bases to give stability to the whole machine. Also, it’s good to use a clamp to secure the equipment firmly on the surface. You can do this especially when you do not have someone around to assist you out.

Additionally, this metal provides a high degree of safety in regard to food preparation. It’s very durable. On the other hand, the unit gears are made of case hardened tempered steel.
You can easily turn the arm when the Marcata-150 is securely positioned on a table, so you do not have to use a lot of effort to it. Besides, you shouldn’t have any trouble holding its handle firmly since it’s made from ABS, an ergonomic plastic material that serves its purpose pretty well.

A best pasta maker should be highly versatile and the Marcato 150 brand scores pretty well in this. With a standard cutter packed inside the box, you can make fettuccine and spaghetti. You can also get attachments for vermicelli, linguine, and capellini separately. Most importantly, you can make lasagna sheets simply by using the rollers. There’s a dial that enables you to choose up to nine different pasta thicknesses. This will depend on your preferences as well as the type of dish you would like to prepare.

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• Quite durable
• Very versatile
• Stable and reliable
• Easy to use


• Specific maintenance requirements
• The unit’s handle can be better made

4. Philips Pasta Maker

Philips Electric Pasta Maker

Are you looking for a fully automated best pasta maker that will serve you without any hassles? Then look no further because Philips pasta maker is what you need to have in your kitchen. Philips is a reputed brand in the market for making great kitchen appliances. This unit is designed to perform all the tasks from mixing the dough to cutting it into pieces of your choice.

The Philips machine offers an automated pasta making process. It mixes the dough, kneads and extrudes it just for you. So what you need is to put the right ingredients and the equal amounts inside. If you are not sure about the dough making process or say you are busy, there’s nothing to worry about because the Philips pasta maker will do that just for you.

The machine measures 13.4× 15.9 ×12 inches which is much greater than the units mentioned above. Although the unit takes more of your counter space, it does not require additional features such as clamp like we have seen with the Marcata, Cucina Pro and HST 5018 above. Besides, the nonslip feet provides stability

The Philips pasta brand features four differently shaped discs designed to control the shape and thickness of your pasta. With the discs, you can make penne, spaghetti, fettuccine and lasagna sheets. There’s a special drawer for them in the unit plus extra discs are available separately.

What is the best pasta maker brand for you in terms of performance? All you need to know about Philips is that it prepares perfect pasta without your needed effort. The unit boasts with enough amounts of power as well as excellent accuracy.


• The machine is fully automated
• Reliable performance
• Highly versatile
• Fabulous extra accessories
• Super easy to use


• You cannot control the dough thickness separately
• You can’t use the same cleaning tool for all discs

5. Weston Deluxe Pasta Machine

Weston Deluxe Electric Pasta Machine

A noticeable thing about this unit is that it comes in a sleek and visually attractive color. The Deluxe pasta machine comes from Weston, a brand that has maintained a good reputation in the market industry for over 40 years regarding kitchen appliances.
The unit measures 11 × 13.5 ×12.3 inches, so it’s not the most compact machine you will find out there, but it’ll still fit even on the crowded kitchen countertops or tables. With its heavy duty construction plus metal housing, you can expect this unit to last.

Also, some of its components are made of plastic, but this should not worry you. The wide base provides the appliance with sufficient stability.

With the Weston Deluxe, you do not need to turn the arm. Besides, you should push the button as well as the ninety-watt motor and leave the mechanical parts to do the rest of work.

Apart from saving you effort, the automation allows you to feed the sheet of the dough more accurately with both hands. This is a great advantage to have. Also, maintenance is made easier thanks to the cleaning brushes packed with the unit. With the

Weston machine, you can select up to nine settings for different thickness of the dough. The rollers are simple to change to your preferred setting, what you need to do is turn the knob. With the help of rollers only, you can make spaghetti, fettuccine or even lasagna sheets


• Automated roller pasta maker
• Excellent versatility
• Effort-saving
• Cool design
• Two roller speeds


• The unit has some plastic components
• May take much time to prepare large pasta

What to Look For When Buying a best Pasta Maker?

1. Ease of Cleaning

If you do not like cleaning, then you shouldn’t consider purchasing a unit that will take most of your time to clean. For most machines, make sure the disks are easy to clean to prevent the dough from being stuck in the holes. Also, pick a unit which its parts are easy to clean

2. Thickness Adjustment

Buy a best pasta maker that is easy to adjust the pasta thickness settings. One click is all you need to have dough as thick or as thin as you need it.

3. Clamp

Make sure the clamp is sturdy and secure; otherwise, it’ll move around the countertop while you turn the crank.

4. Manual or Motor

Whether manual or motor, the unit should be easy to operate plus quick to assemble/ disassemble. For the manual units, make sure the crank is sturdy since this is the part that will handle the rest of the work.

5. Width

The width should have appropriate size feed to accommodate large dough sheets. Some units can have 15 inches or even wider, but they’ll cost more than the regular ones.

6. Attachments

Most appliances come with accessories such as disks, cutters, and stuffers. The more the attachments, the better

7. Build Quality

In case you buy a cheap unit, do not expect it to serve you for long. Otherwise, if a pasta maker has a great build quality, you can use it for a long time as if it were brand new. Besides, the unit should have an attractive as well as a functional design

The Final Verdict

Now that we have looked at the most sought after pasta makers in 2017, what is the best pasta maker brand for you? If you are a pasta aficionado, you already know that it’s a great idea to go for a unit that will serve you long without developing any mechanical problems. We have different types of pasta makers in the market which serves almost the same purpose, and this makes it difficult for the first buyer to choose the best machine. Also, if you already own a pasta maker and you are considering to purchase a new one that is easy to use and guarantees maximum quality, check out top 5 pasta makers reviews for what is the best pasta maker brand for you. To simply choose what’s best for you, look at some of the reasons as to why you need a pasta maker and decide on the specs you want before making your purchase.

Pasta Maker for Homemade Pasta – Fast and Easy!

Today we tell you about modern and useful for each family kitchen appliances is called pasta maker. In the ancient times valued nutritional properties of homemade pasta and many beliefs and rituals believed that eating pasta prolongs life and brings happiness. From the 16th century in Italy began the construction of plants for the processing of wheat and the production of pasta. They produced products such as vermicelli, Trenette (perhaps the most traditional form of Italian pasta), Fidelina (a type of pasta slightly thicker pasta), lazarette as well as the known shells, butterflies, spirals and feathers. Continue reading

Best pasta maker a assistant in the kitchen

For those who enjoy cooking or doing it professionally, it is no secret that the ingredients for many dishes are better to cook your own hands. For example, pasta bought from a store or made by yourself, are very different from one another in their taste. However, this process is hardly easy. It is necessary to go through several time-consuming steps before getting ready pasta at home. But modern kitchen appliances like best pasta maker can help you with this.

The process of pasta making consists of 4 stages …

  1. In the first step, you need to knead the dough. You can do this manually, but it is better to use kneaders, which do the job faster and better.
  2. The second stage is the dough sheeting. Roll out the dough for the pasta should be so thin that it can help only with the function best pasta maker rolling.
  3. In the third stage, the pasta needs to cut, what also would do well with a pasta
  4. In conclusion, the preparation will only dry the pasta before cooking dishes from it.
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Features and use of best pasta maker

Pasta maker arranged surprisingly simple. The device according to its work similar to the work of the grinder. However, if used in a meat grinder knives and screw conveyor, the main work in pasta maker is to perform rollers responsible for rollers and cutting. When you first use pasta maker the first piece of dough used for further cooking is impossible, because it clears the rollers of a pasta maker and can absorb the oil factory.Weston-Roma-6-Inches-Traditional-Style-Pasta-Machine

Next, step by step looks at how to make pasta using best pasta maker …

Prepare: Hook the pasta maker to the tabletop. To do this, the set includes a special sucker. Attach the handle pasta maker side.

Unrolling: Roll out the dough for the noodles must be 0.5-3 mm thick. To do this, divide the dough into several portions. Each portion overfill between the rollers and rotate the handle pasta maker. After scrolling test, sprinkle the resulting sheet with flour and fold it in half. Then, by reducing the gap between the rollers one notch, skip the dough again. Roll out each dough portion should be 6-8 times until it is the desired thickness. Then let the dough to dry for 10 minutes.

Cutting: Replace rollers on threaded. Reinstall the handle in accordance with the requirements of your model of the best pasta maker. Then roll out the dough sheets are passed through rolling pin by turning the handle. The resulting pasta folds gently and allow to dry well.

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How to choose best pasta maker

Choosing a best pasta maker should be taken responsibly and to check whether it had the necessary characteristics to you. The main characteristics when choosing pasta maker considered to be:

Atlas-Electric-Pasta-MachineMaterial production: This criterion when choosing pasta maker extremely important because it is a quality device thanks to its coating will not allow the dough to stick. The best material for pasta maker is a medical steel coated with a special compound but is most often found in stainless and chromed steel appliances. The number of levels of thickness. This indicator will let you know how thin pasta you can make. At pasta maker standard number of levels starting at six.

The presence of clamps: The more you commit pasta maker on the table, the easier it will be to use it, will disappear as the need to hold her hand.

The presence of additional accessories: This characteristic can pay attention only if you need additional nozzles. There are negative reviews about pasta maker with a nozzle for dumplings, so it is worth considering whether you need this packing or any other.

How to clean a pasta maker?

No wonder to get so curious about something we just bought from the market to look at how they function.  Take a brand new pasta maker for an example. Right after bought it we can’t wait to do our first experiment with the new machine. What we do? We open the box, take out the machine and rushed to the kitchen so see how it works. For that, we started mixing our dough and start rolling our first sheet. What happen next is very obvious…there should be muddy, rust, glitter all over our new machine. Let’s find out how to clean a pasta maker in a very effective way.

How to clean your pasta machine

It’s not a difficult task to use a pasta maker and so is cleaning it if we follow the correct step. Now take a look at how to clean a pasta maker the easiest way you ever could. If you maintain your machine properly you could optimize its condition and ensure the efficiency to deliver the best service. In this article, we will find out how to clean the machine without opening and in the later part we will learn how to take off the fenders to clean the machine properly.

Things You’ll Need

  •  Some white scrap clay
  • Some Baby wipes
  • A skewer (Wooden) for cleaning the scrapers
  • A Phillips head screwdriver for open the machine
  • A roll of kitchen paper towels

The process

Step 1

GM-Professional-Pasta-MakerIf you want to clean your machine between different colors just use a white scrap clay. Before start cleaning put the pasta machine on a table and roll the clay for 4/5 times to mop up the colors. Do the process at various settings for few times. You can use the baby wipes before using the next color to clean the roller.

Apply the process for sometimes and at the same time turning the handle. Between the rollers, you can try to insert the baby wipes to take out the rust and while turning the handle in various settings complete the process.  Now dry the roller using a paper towel.

It’s time to use our skewer to take out the clay stay on the scrapers. To do that flips the machine upside down and scrape carefully to take out all the dirt from scrapers. Always keep clean the machine by wiping with baby wipes and paper towels.

Tips:  If you do that regularly you don’t have to open your machine for a long time as we all know it’s kind of hard task to do.

Step 2

Now we will learn how to open machine fenders to clean it thoroughly. Remember it’s very hard to reassemble the machine before attempt this.

We need a Phillips head screwdriver to open the screw from the side panel. Now try to unscrew the two nuts with a wrench and from the side unscrew the feet as well. Take out all parts and clean it nicely using paper towels.

Now move to the side panel and take a look in the rollers where you will see some clay and try to clean them using your skewer. It’s much easy to use the scrapers for taking out the clay.

After cleaning all this its time to put all the parts we took out to put on its old position. First re–attach the scrapers by slotting them back in position. Now try to put the covers back on that screw threaded rod.

Here we will re-attach the side panel now and to that, we will attach the back fender first because it’s little easier than the front one which we will do later.

To attach the back fender we have to put the machine on its side and we will try to assemble it. Keep in mind don’t tighten the nut too much and it’s better to leave a comfortable gap in between.

To attach the front fender you might need someone help because it’s much harder than the back fender. Try to tighten the screw-nuts and re-attach the side panel cover. You are almost done and the only thing you have to do now re-attach the feet.

Now your machine got a new and fresh look and ready to work again.

Stopping point

It’s good to clean a brand new machine as well even though they’re coming straight from the store. To optimize machine stability don’t wash them under running water. In above process, we discussed how to clean a pasta maker. Check all parts of your pasta machine are clean and re-assembled and there is nothing left.  If you don’t use it very often put the machine in the box and store in dry place.

Best pasta maker accessories

Do you love Italian food? Do you have a craving for pasta? Do you want to explore the passionate chef in you that has remained hidden for years? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then it would be great joy for you to know that you can make pasta at home.

With a pasta maker machine, it is very simple and convenient to make your own pasta at home. It allows you to add the ingredients of your choice or those that are easily available at home. Making pasta with the best pasta maker is easy and there are several brands available in the market today.

Pasta maker is designed for inventive consumers who desire to make fresh pasta. Pasta makers are available in both manual and electrical models.

Using a pasta maker helps individuals to reduce the amount of time needed to make hand made pasta and also allows individuals to experiment with a variety of recipes such as tomato, herb, lemon and spinach seasonings.

Availability of best pasta makers

Due to the increasing demand for these machines, one can easily purchase a pasta machine from various retailers. You can readily get both the manual and electrical pasta makers from various kitchen shops and discount stores at a fair price.

The manual kitchen pasta maker

Search make pasta makersThis is a portable kitchen appliance that is mostly fixed on a tabletop. Manual pasta makers are cheaper compared to the electric ones. Some chefs will find the process of rolling dough by their hands very pleasurable. The manual pasta maker allows you to adopt a crank style of making pasta.

To achieve this, you set your pasta maker to make the kind of pasta you want. Mix the dough and then run feed it to the pasta machine while cranking it to push the mixed dough forward until it is forced out on the other end.

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The advantage of using manual pasta maker machine is authenticity. While using this machine, you might not get uniform looking pasta but at least it gives you an opportunity to sharpen your pastry skills. Many people who love pasta will prefer manual pasta maker because it makes the enjoyment of this delicacy more fulfilling.

One of the limitations with the manual pasta maker is that it does not allow you to have a wide variety of pasta styles and shapes. It also requires additional effort to force dough through the pasta maker.

Things to look out for when shopping for the best manual pasta maker

When looking for a manual pasta maker, try hunting for a model that is steady and can firmly stand on the table top. The model of your choice should have different settings to allow you to make various kinds of pasta.

Stainless steel manual pasta makers are the best as they are more durable. Stainless steel is also a food grade metal that is used to make food equipment and accessories.

Electrical pasta makers

best pasta makerElectrical pasta makers function in a similar way to the manual ones. The main difference is that electrical pasta makers have attached motor that helps to churn out pasta more conveniently. They also have different settings for speeds and they come with various accessories for producing different types of pasta.

In most of the electrical pasta makers, you only need to pour in the ingredients and turn the machine on There are also a few electrical pasta machines that can knead the dough for you

The biggest limitation to electrical pasta machines is that they are quite expensive than the manual machines. However, if your intention is to save on your time and effort, then you may need to invest in an electrical pasta machine.

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With an electrical pasta maker, you will have access to a variety of pasta shapes and designs. This machine is also easier to maintain and clean compared to the manual pasta maker.

Other pasta maker machines

Apart from the typical pasta maker machines we are accustomed to in our homes, there are other specially made pasta maker machines used for making ravioli, gnocchi and cavetelle.

Pasta maker accessories

Pasta maker machines come with various accessories to enhance the variety of shapes and designs an individual can get from the best pasta machine. Some of the most crucial accessories for a pasta machine include pasta drying rack, pasta and ravioli cutter, stamp for custom ravioli shapes and wooden pasta cutter roller.

The best pasta drying rack

For most people who have tried making fresh pasta at home, they have probably experienced their pasta sticking together. While this issue rarely occurs when making egg pasta, you will most likely experience it when making egg free pasta.

Egg-free pasta that is made with durum wheat semolina flour and water can often remain sticky when it is made. This therefore means that the shapes don’t separate on a plate and instead they stick together and they may ruin all your hard work.

In such a situation, a pasta maker drying rack comes in handy. The best pasta drying rack helps in separating your long pasta shapes hence preventing them from sticking with each other and to the surfaces. They also help the pasta to dry out quickly and uniformly.

Marcato Atlas Pasta Drying Rack

Marcato Atlas Pasta Drying Rack

The Marcato Atlas Pasta Drying Rack is perfect and it’s classic shape will fit with almost every kitchen.

Additional benefits of using a pasta drying rack

Pasta drying lack helps you to make a big batch of various pasta shapes and possibly dry some of them for future use You can use a pasta drying rack to dry the leftovers effectively at room temperature before storing them in airtight boxes for up to a month.

Additionally, pasta drying racks can be used for drying other foods such as vegetables and fruit slices.

Different types of pasta drying racks

Most of the drying racks available in the market come with a relatively simple design. They feature a stand, a vertical pole and several horizontal arms referred to as dowels. Dowels allow you to hang your pasta and vegetables t dry.

The main aim of the simple design of a pasta drying rack is to ensure that the pasta dries uniformly to avoid mold growth and rotting.

Best Pasta & Ravioli Cutter

Most of the beginners starting to make their home made fresh pasta stick with fettuccine and spaghetti. But as you may know, there are various types of pasta out there. With the Best Pasta & Ravioli Cutter, you can start making your very own ravioli to diversify your skills.

However, most of the beginners are faced with the dilemma about the best way to cut ravioli. Most of the pasta and ravioli cutters are inexpensive and they are readily available in most kitchen shops. Best Pasta & Ravioli Cutter is made from high quality food-grade stainless steel which is very durable.

Ravioli Cutter

Pasta & Ravioli Cutter

The Pasta & Ravioli Cutter is perfect and it’s classic shape will fit with almost every recipe.

If you lay your hands on the Best Pasta & Ravioli Cutter, then you will be able to create various shapes on your pasta easily. Pasta and ravioli cutter will help to transform your pasta into flowers, crescents and a host of other shapes. If you just need to improve your pasta making skills, then this is the tool that you need.

Whether you want to create a traditional Italian recipe or you are trying a new and a creative pasta dish, then your cooking will be incomplete without a pasta and ravioli cutter.

This simple tool is available as a one step tool that cuts and seals the dough with a single press. You can easily customize your kitchen utensils to match your specific needs. The wide collection of pasta and ravioli cutters comes in multiple shapes and designs.

Once you have your dough ready, press a pasta cutter through the dough to achieve your desired results.

Additionally, Pasta & Ravioli Cutter is one of the few accessories that can be used for a host of other foods besides pasta. You can use it to make cookies as well The Best Pasta & Ravioli Cutter gives you value for your money by performing other functions in the kitchen besides making pasta.

Stamp for custom ravioli shapes

This is another crucial accessory that you definitely need if you are planning to make fascinating home made ravioli for your family and friends. Ravioli stamp is a simple, yet crafty pasta maker accessory that will help you to utilize your pasta maker machine to the fullest.

Ravioli Cutter

Stamp for custom ravioli shapes

The stamp for custom ravioli shapes is perfect and it’s classic shape will fit with almost every recipe.

There is a wide variety for ravioli stamps with different shapes. You can easily acquire a customized ravioli stamp to suit your specific needs. Ravioli stamps can help you to drive a certain message home through your cooking.

You can purchase heart shaped ravioli stamps to show love to your loved ones. It would be a great idea to use this tool to help you drive your message home.

Other common shapes for ravioli stamps include the round and the square shape stamps. These stamps are fairly priced and you can easily get them from various kitchen stores online.

Wooden Pasta Cutter Roller

There are several ways in which you can make your own ravioli at home. You can easily do it with either a ravioli attachments, ravioli stamps or even with a wooden pasta cutter rolling pin.

Ravioli Cutter

Wooden Pasta Cutter Roller

The Wooden Pasta Cutter Roller is perfect and it’s classic shape will fit with almost every recipe.

These rolling pins are the most convenient especially if your plans are to make big batches of home-made ravioli.

To make wonderful batch of homemade ravioli, you can easily make pasta sheets and then cover the filling on these sheets. Then place another sheet of pasta dough on top of the other sheet that is covered by a filling of your choice, and simply use your Wooden Pasta Cutter Roller.

Things to consider when selecting pasta maker accessories

Pasta maker accessories help to make work easier for the cook and also help them to achieve the desired results. Without these accessories, it would be difficult for the cook to make good home-made pasta.

There are various brands in the market that produce various pasta machine accessories. For an individual purchasing any of these tools, they need to read various product reviews so that they can distinguish between high quality and low quality products.

The following are the most important factors to consider The size of the product Most of the pasta maker machine accessories do not have similar sizes. You can easily notice this while looking through various items on the stores. While buying, you should consider choosing the most appropriate size that will cater for your individual needs. These products have varying weights with the bigger sizes weighing more than the smaller sizes.

Warranty of the product

It is always a good idea to check for warranty terms every time you buy any time No one wants to purchase products from manufacturers who offer no warranty to their products.

The customer will be always on the safe side if the item becomes faulty before expiration of the warranty period. You can have the faulty parts replaced to get your item to the normal working condition.

Construction materials and craftsmanship

When shopping for kitchen appliances, it is always a great idea to go for food grade products. Products made of stainless steel and wood are considered food grade products.

Additionally, some materials are more durable than others. For instance, stainless steel is considered as a durable food grade material. However, the only way to know if the materials used to make a product are durable is by reading user reviews.

Care and cleaning

Every accessory purchased from shops comes with a user manual. On the user manual, a shopper should find notes on how to take care or clean their accessories. The accessory should be easy to clean and maintain.

Ease of attachment with other appliances

As you look for the most suitable accessory for your pasta machine, you should do this considering other kitchen appliances. For instance, most of the pasta machine accessories can easily attach to a pasta maker.


There are various types of pasta machines that you can find in your local appliance stores or kitchen stores. However, before making a decision to purchase one from your local dealer, be sure to check out for genuine appliances online.

You will only need to make sure that you buy from a reputable website and trusted brand that can offer replacements when something goes wrong with your appliance.