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What goes with pasta salad?

Pasta salads can be an easy, tasty side dish for your next cookout or picnic. But what veggies do you typically see in a pasta salad recipe? And what other sides should you bring to balance out the carbs and proteins? Let’s talk about how you can create your own delicious, balanced meal. Continue reading

How to make rasta pasta?

Rasta Pasta is a kind of pasta dish which has multicolored spaghetti noodles. It’s also known as multi-colored pasta and rainbow pasta. The name Rasta Pasta comes from the colors of the spaghetti noodles resembling the flags of Jamaica (red, yellow and green) and Italy (red, white and green). It tastes like regular pasta and it can be served as a side dish or main course. Continue reading

How many calories in a bowl of pasta?

PASTA is a simple mixture of unleavened dough made from hard wheat flour, water and sometimes eggs. Popular types of pasta include macaroni, spaghetti, linguine, penne, fusilli, lasagne and ravioli. While there are many different recipes for fresh pasta dishes they all contain the same basic ingredients. But how many calories in a bowl of pasta. Discover here. Continue reading