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What are the current kitchen cabinet door trends?

Are you thinking about updating your kitchen? You’ll be amazed at the incredible upgrade you can create with a well-planned kitchen refurb. Even some simple changes can really freshen and remodel your kitchen.

For example, even switching out your old kitchen cabinet doors for some modern alternatives will give your entire kitchen a facelift! With that in mind, here are some kitchen cabinet door trends to know.

White Cabinets

Less of a trend and more of an aesthetic in their own right, white kitchen cabinets look wonderful and they come in a huge array of finishes, from whitewashed for a seaside theme to high-gloss for a modern, chic and industrial finish.

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Moody and Dark Shades

Dramatic and dark colours such as rich navy, dark grey and even black are trending hard right now. They create a cosy and sophisticated finish that looks wonderful paired with metallic hardware.

Natural Wood

Another classic, the trend for natural wood goes hand-in-hand with eco-friendly and sustainable design, providing a natural and fresh finish that benefits the home. Whether you love light maple shades or dark oaks, this is a trend that will never go away.

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Warm Beige and Taupe

The trend for white kitchens has diminished a little in favour of warmer shades such as beige and taupe, going right to dark browns. These tonal shades work great with brass hardware and white marble counters as well as dark floors and bold colours.

Baby Blue

This is a really hot trend for kitchens this year, and a baby blue shade is welcoming and elegant, and adds a soft pop of colour to your kitchen. A specialist provider of kitchen refurb services such as can help you work out whether these trend shades will work for your space.

These trends can all be combined with other kitchen refurb upgrades to create a beautiful and unique space that will work for your needs. What will you try to create in your own dream kitchen without the hassle and expense of completely replacing it?