Atlas Electric Pasta Machine with Motor Set

Efficient and Classic

For pasta lovers, there is nothing much better than eating nutritious, tasty homemade pasta. The experience and chance of making your own pasta from prefer ingredients are certainly awesome and a sure way of living a healthier lifestyle. However, making pasta at home is only enjoyable when you have the best pasta maker.

Now, pasta making is easy and exciting with the Atlas Electric Pasta Machine with Motor Set. The machine, from the line “wellness” is faster, more stylish and easier to use than manual pasta makers. Many expert and customer reviews rate this machine as the best electric pasta machine and going by the specifications; this cannot be far from the truth.

Atlas Electric Pasta MakerThe productivity, versatility and ease of use of this essential kitchen equipment make it suitable for;

  • Beginners and pasta making trainees or novices
  • Professional chefs and seasoned pasta making professionals who want things done faster
  • Professional chefs serving fresh pasta dishes in eateries
  • Returning chefs who do not want the hassle of cranking manual pasta makers
  • Frequent and occasional use at home


Key Features and Specifications

110V Motor Set

The inclusion of a motor set makes the Atlas Electric Pasta Machine capable of producing restaurant quality pasta from right inside your kitchen. Moreover, the motor set makes it easier to use as one does not have to keep turning the crank hand on one side and control the dough with the contrary. All your focus is therefore directed towards controlling the dough which is key in making more professional and better quality pasta. Feeding the dough into the rollers using both hands particularly for beginners, at a consistent speed, is a sure way of achieving this.

The motor, coupled with a regular -direction engine rotation, has two speeds. The motor speed variation makes it easy to set the machine to a speed that is easy to control. This also depends on with the type of pasta you intend to make. Well, you can also remove the motor for use in another Marcato Atlas machine.

That is fascinating, right?

Adjustable and Comes With Additional Attachments

Atlas Pasta MakerIf you are a fan of creativity, then you can do almost anything with this wonderful kitchen machine. First, this electric pasta maker comes with three basic settings. It can, therefore, make at least three different basic types of pasta which include spaghetti, fettuccine and lasagna sheets. With a bit of creativity, you can make more. Also, adjusting the roller space to 9 different positions to produce nine thickness levels is easy. These provisions enable you to enjoy various types and thickness of pasta hence an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle.

This best pasta maker also comes with a double long pasta cutting attachment for making 6mm fettuccine and 1.5mm taglioni. Other available attachments include;

  • Pappardelle Attachment
  • Mafaldine attachment
  • Capellini Attachment
  • Linguine Attachment

Easy To Clean

Most people worry a lot about the cleaning mechanisms of pasta makers. As a matter of fact, this is in most cases an absolute chore and a hectic activity. It is certainly one of the few reasons why most people would prefer to buy “pasta boxes” from food stores and restaurants rather than buy a pasta maker. For many others, they would rather leave their pasta makers to gather thick layers of dust on shelves than use it and go through the tedious process of cleaning up.

Electric Pasta Machine Now, the Marcato Atlas Electric pasta machine with motor set provides the solution to this problem. Simply twist and remove the motor drive to give you sufficient space to wipe both the roller and the base with a cloth. Let them dry off before reattaching the motor drive into its position. It can never get this easy!

Safe and Durable

Safety and durability are two of the most vital tips to consider when shopping for a pasta maker. Usually, these two qualities are dependent on the kind of materials used. As already mentioned, the electric machine comes from the famous “wellness” line hence the rollers comprise of a special alloy that is safe for food preparation. This is a guarantee that no harmful metal elements will get into your pasta.

The frame and body of the machine comprise of chrome plated steel while safe anodized aluminum makes the cutters and rollers. This machine is resistant to corrosion and wears from salt, water, and tarnish. The solid frame and body make the machine sturdy and durable hence suited to last for decades.

Multiple Healthy Recipes

Best Pasta MakerAdopting a diet made of quality homemade pasta comes with a lot of fun and health benefits in equal measure.

With the right ingredients and proportions, homemade pasta will not only help you in adopting and maintaining a healthy nutrition and lifestyle but also help in preventing some diseases. This, however, is a pipe dream if all you know are a few pasta recipes. Everything will become boring and impossible to keep up.

Apart from several adjustment options provided by Atlas Electric pasta machine with the motor set, it also provides several unique and exciting recipes in the instruction book. The recipes give everyone an interesting moment to try and experience the tastes and the nutritional value of new kinds of pasta.


  • Small in size, compact and easy to store
  • Comes from the Atlas “wellness” line hence no chance of unsafe metals getting into your pasta
  • Motor can be used in any Atlas machine
  • Stylish and has a stunning look
  • Operational in both manual and electric modes hence power interruptions is not an issue
  • Easy to Use


  • You have to make the dough by hand and feed into the rollers
  • Some of the attachments are sold separately


Q: What materials can I use to clean up the machine?

A: It is easy to clean the machine using a pastry brush or a piece of clean cloth.

Q: In a case where I have a problem with the motor, is it possible to replace it?

A: Yes. The motor is separate, easy to remove and reattach. You can safely order it from Amazon separately.

Q: Is the 110V motor usable in all countries across the word?

A: No. This 110V specification suits USA users most.


Investing in a quality pasta machine has a lot of rewards. Besides the nutritional potential, a quality machine saves you money from frequent maintenance costs and shopping for a new machine often as well as buying costly pasta from food stores and restaurants. The Atlas Electric Pasta machine with the motor set is just one such machine.

This machine is an ideal description of a versatile, easy to use electric pasta maker and has a build that will last for decades. The high-end machine is the best pasta maker in the market currently hence a great addition to your kitchen. Make it a priority on your next shopping list and enjoy unique, delicious, tasty and healthy recipes. It is worth the price.

Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris is a passionate artisan pasta maker, dedicated to the art of creating handcrafted pasta that delights the senses and transports you to the heart of Italy. With a deep-rooted love for culinary traditions and an unwavering commitment to quality, Sarah has turned her passion for pasta into a lifelong pursuit.

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