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Ovente PA615S Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker: Versatile and Ideal for every Kitchen

Homemade pasta tops the list of favorite dishes in most homes. In fact, for those who already know the advantages that fresh homemade pasta have over commercial pasta, these delicious entrees and appetizers will continue to be the highlight of their tables.. However, unless you have a pasta maker, making pasta at home is tedious and time-consuming.

Well, if you have the desire to make fresh and healthy pasta dishes at home, then you should consider the Ovente Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker. Why do I say this? It is easy to use, fairly priced, versatile and durable. Also, the quality and productivity of this pasta maker make it an ideal addition to every kitchen.

Stainless Steel Pasta MakerThis pasta maker is, therefore, suitable for;

  • Stay at home moms
  • Professional chefs
  • Learn more about some of the great features of this pasta maker through this unbiased Ovente Vintage
  • PA6155 Stainless Steel Pasta Maker review.



Key Features


There is no pasta maker out there with the versatility that rivals the Ovente Pasta Maker. It features 7 Alterable thickness settings from 0.5 mm as the thinnest and 3 mm as the thickest size. This allows you to roll dough, make and enjoy pasta of various thicknesses.

best pasta machineThis is not just a pasta making machine! Apart from making various dishes of spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccine, Alfredo, ravioli and many other pasta dishes, it effectively flattens out polymer clay, rolls out the dough and prepares fondant for cakes. It also features two built-in pasta cutters which can easily make organic fettuccine Alfredo and spaghetti. The cutters, coupled with the adjustable settings, essentially help users to enjoy various pasta recipes from different ingredients without the feeling of boredom that could result from taking the same pasta dish often.

Stainless Steel and Carbon Construction

Ovente Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta MakerThis pasta machine is made of solid stainless steel and carbon. This means that this pasta machine is resistant to corrosion and rust. Again, being solid materials, they are resistant to wear or tear that may lead to deposits of metallic particles into your pasta.

Another important benefit that comes with this solid and compact nature is stability. The machine is stable hence ensures that your cranking is not interrupted during use. Feeding your dough into the rollers is also easy as the pasta maker remains sturdy. Finally, the stainless steel and carbon construction gives the machine a longer lifespan of continuous use.

Ergonomic Plastic Hand Crank

Stainless Steel Pasta MakerThe Ovente PA6155 Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker comes with a strong hand crank made of stainless steel. Without straining yourself, the hand crank provides enough force to rotate the gears at a speed favorable to the user. This can easily roll, flatten or cut your dough to satisfy your culinary needs.

The hand crank has a handle that is not only comfortable but also safe. The handle, made from ergonomic plastic, makes the hand crank comfortable and easy to turn. Moreover, detaching and reattaching the hand crank to and from the pasta maker is not a difficult task. This is explained in the instruction manual.


This vintage stainless steel pasta maker has an appealing design and finish. Its design blends the nostalgic traditional designs as well as the technological advances in the current pasta maker designs and structures.

The hand crank, which fits on one of the shorter sides, is not extraordinarily long and out of place.

The Ovente PA6155 Stainless Steel Pasta Maker has a sharp crime polished body. This gives the kitchen appliance a startling look that neither tarnishes nor fades. The size and the chrome polished body makes it a perfect addition to your kitchen. Whether on a cabinet top or transparent shelves, it will obviously attract the attention and admiration of your friends and family members. Ovente pasta maker is a mark of class and quality.

Smart Pasta MakerMeets All Safety Standards

Ideally, most people assume that all kitchen appliances are safe for food preparation and handling.

Sometimes, depending on the types of materials used, this is never the case. The Ovente Vintage Pasta

Maker meets and surpasses all safety standards as well as health regulations. The stainless steel and carbon construction are a standard material for most kitchen equipment.

The blades and cutters are made of hardened and tempered steel. This means that there is no chance of having harmful elements and heavy metals into your pasta or dough. Finally, the ergonomic plastic handle is ABS certified and therefore safe.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Versatile
  • Fairly priced
  • Fast and efficient


  • No additional attachments
  • Original Ovente motor is not compatible with this pasta maker


  1. Does it come with a clamp to hold it stable on the counter top?
  2. Yes. The clamp is easy to adjust
  3. Where is this product manufactured?
  4. Italy


It is tastier and healthier when made fresh! Ovente Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker enables you to create authentic, tasty and delicious pasta without a hassle. Experience the heart of Italy with tasty and healthy pasta made from ingredients of your choice. This machine also helps you with other kitchen chores including rolling and kneading.

This pasta maker is an ideal equipment to add to your shopping list. It is a sure way of taking your pasta making experience to an entirely new level! It guarantees maximum durability and versatility.

Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker: A Mark of Elegance. Quality and Versatility

Investing in a top-quality pasta maker is the best reward you can give to yourself or family. It is a sure way of consistently enjoying the quality and delicious pasta. However, various people have different priorities when shopping for the best pasta maker hence the sole reason why they people may end up with different models as their number one pasta maker. Continue reading

G&M Professional Pasta Maker Machine with Hand Crank: Kneads and Extrudes

Enthusiasts of flavored traditional homemade pasta will find it impossible to enjoy commercial pasta, be it fresh or dry. This is because making your own pasta at home gives you the opportunity to control the types, quantity, and quality of the ingredients you incorporate. You can, therefore, create all varieties of colors and tastes by adding natural and tasty ingredients such as tomato, spinach or even chocolate. Well, this goal is only achievable with a good pasta maker machine.

When our old pasta maker began to make creaky sounds, we decided that it was the ideal time to look for a replacement for it. We did not want a similar model as there are aspects we did not like about it. Overall, it was an average pasta machine. After months of researching online and asking friends, we settled on the G&M Professional Pasta Maker Machine with Hand Crank. Let me share with you the findings of my research.

Pasta Maker MachineThis pasta machine is ideal for any of the following;

  • Professional chefs
  • Beginners with no experience in pasta making
  • Middle and low budget shoppers

Key Features and Specifications of G&M Professional Pasta Maker Machine with Hand Crank 7 Thickness Settings.

This kitchen essential pasta maker machine has seven thickness settings. These variation rangers from hair –size 0.5mm to 3 mm, which is slightly thicker than the standard spaghetti. It enables users to vary the thickness of pasta according to their preferences.

Smart Pasta MakerMoreover, the machine comes with adjustable rollers capable of making various shapes of pasta. According to many reviews of this pasta maker machine, users find this really helpful and fun. The two features are also important because they give this pasta machine the ability to take in all types of ingredients. Whether you are a fan of pasta made of basic ingredients such as water, floor, and eggs to healthier and more enriching ingredients like tomatoes, spinach, milk, cucumber and many other vegetables, this machine will give you amazing results.

Has a Counter Top Clamp and a Sturdy Build

The productivity and suitability of any manual pasta maker lie mainly in its build and the clamping system.

The G&M professional pasta maker machine scores highly here. It has a solid stainless steel frame and body which makes it compact and stable during cranking. The crank fits snugly into this machine to effectively turn the anodized aluminum rollers.

Pasta Maker Machine with Hand CrankSecondly, the machine comes with an adjustable clamp which helps in fixing it and making the machine sturdier during use. You will agree with me that clamping down the machine on a table top or counter top takes away your focus from controlling unnecessary machine movements during use and gives you ample time to concentrate on cranking the machine.

Extrudes and Kneads

The effortless set up and use of this pasta machine make it an invaluable asset in every kitchen. The design and build of this G&M machine allow easy removal and replacement of the rollers. When properly set its using is so easy and very fast. It takes about 10 minutes to make quality pasta from any recipe.

Another feature that makes this machine outstanding is the inclusion of an extruder. With this, you can easily and quickly extrude fettuccine, spaghetti, lasagna and much more noodles without going through the tedious process of mixing your dough by hand. Well, just to make it clear, this is a feature that is missing in most manual pasta maker machines. Finally, with the professional pasta maker, kneading is fast and easy.

Additional Attachments

Best Pasta MakerAs a matter of fact, additional attachments maximize the usability and output of any pasta maker machine.

Most pasta machines with attachment options sell the attachments separately. However, the G&M

Professional Pasta Maker Machine with hand crank comes with the extra attachments at no additional costs, which makes it one of the best pasta maker machines in its category.

These attachments are essential in making your work easier, faster and more efficient. The attachments include a kneading unit which evenly mixes the dough and an extruder which saves you from manually feeding the dough. Other additional parts and equipment include a cleaning brush, a hand crank with an easy to hold the handle and an adjustable countertop clamp.

Reasonably Priced

best pasta machineWith these amazing features and exemplary performance, this machine comes at an amazingly reasonable price. It is worth noting that most pasta machines with these features and productivity cost two times the cost of the G&M professional machine or more.

This low price pasta maker is stylish, stable and highly resourceful. It can knead, extrude and make pasta all in a very short time. Irrespective of your income level, this essential G&M machine gives you a chance to enjoy tasty and healthy homemade pasta.


  • Stylish and adds additional decor to your kitchen
  • Small and compact hence more portable and easy to store
  • Comes with a cleaning brush
  • Toxic -free anodized aluminum blades and rollers


  • The crank occasionally slips out when cranking. One needs to be more careful to prevent this.
  • The spacing of the rollers is not even on both sides of the machine


Q: Does the G&M pasta machine make angel hair pasta?

A: Yes. The 0.3mm cutter makes angel hair pasta

Q: Is the clamp adjustable and what is the thickest counter that it can conveniently attach to?

A: The clamp is easily adjustable and can attach to counters of up to 2″ in thickness


The simplicity and versatility of the G&M professional pasta maker machine make it easy to use and an essential time saver. From ingredients of your choice, the professional pasta machine delivers great quality and homemade nutritional pasta that will make you say goodbye to all the commercial pasta from food stores.

The good price pasta maker has qualities and additional attachments to enable you quickly and easily knead, extrude and make healthy pasta from the comfort of your kitchen. Add it to your shopping basket and enjoy professional -grade fettuccine, spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna, fondant and many other pasta recipes!

Homdox Pasta Maker: Affordable and Easy to Use

Have you ever had the experience of eating freshly made pasta? Well, in case you have never had such a chance then you really should. Interestingly, most of the people who enjoy pasta buy them from the stores.

Processed pasta from food stores and restaurants are loaded with sugars and preservatives to improve the taste and shelf life respectively.

Making your own pasta from scratch is a daunting task. It is tedious, messy and time-consuming. However, with Homdox Pasta Maker, pasta making is a fast and easy procedure. It also gives you an opportunity to try more exciting and tasty procedures. To tell you the truth, with this pasta machine, you will get to realize how enjoyable and healthy homemade pasta are.Homdox Pasta Maker

This machine is easy to use and has a remarkable output. It is for this reason that it is suitable for all categories of chefs including:

  • Professional chefs
  • Newbie’s who want to learn more about pasta making
  • People who are new with pasta makers

This item was recommended to me by a friend, and I have fallen in love with it because of its amazing.

Key Features


Initially, when shopping for a pasta maker, everyone prioritized on one or two pasta types that they wanted to make. Priorities have since shifted and instead, people ask what else a pasta maker can do or simply what variations a pasta maker can offer. For example, apart from spaghetti and fettuccine, what else can Homdox?

Pasta Maker makes?

commercial pasta making machineWell, with ingredients of your choice, this pasta maker guarantees you delicious restaurant quality penne, linguine, fettuccine, lasagna, ravioli, vermicelli, angel hair, and many other pasta dishes. This provides a wide range of dishes from which you can fees and entertain your family and guests. Its versatility is also essential when in need of common kitchen activities such as making fondant and rolling dough.

Dishwasher Safe

Well, the ease of cleaning any model of pasta maker is one of the greatest concerns about these invaluable items which keep coming up from customer reviews. True to that, a pasta maker that is difficult or impossible to clean is just unhygienic and not safe for food preparation.

The Homdox Pasta Maker is one of the easiest to clean pasta maker. Simply wipe the clean the body and rollers of this pasta maker with a wet cloth and rinse. While the rollers and the body of this product are kept clean by wiping, the blades, which happen to be the most difficult and dangerous parts of a pasta maker, are dishwasher safe. All you need is to detach, put in your dishwasher, let it dry and then reattach. Easy, isn’t it?

Adjustable and Easy to Use

how to make pasta with machineThis kitchen appliance features two sizes of high-quality cutting blades both made of stainless steel. The two blades, measuring 2 mm and 4.5 m cut vermicelli and spaghetti respectively. This eliminates any chances of guess work when using the pasta machine. With additional attachments, pasta making not only becomes easy but also fun.

Homdox Pasta Maker has an adjustable roller that makes pasta into some thicknesses depending on the requirements. The rollers make the dough into nine various thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to 3 mm. This aids the production of various pasta dishes with unprecedented ease. Moreover, this Homdox product can flatten pasta to make fondant and ravioli from the comfort of your kitchen.

Easy to Store

Measuring approximately 7.8 inches in length by 5. 1 inches width and a height of 4.7 inches, the Homdox Pasta Maker has a great size hence easy to store. It does not take a lot of space in your cabinet or table top.

Another feature which makes this product easy to store is the removable hand crank. When not in use, it is advisable to detach the hand crank. This leaves a compact pasta machine for easy storage.

The small size of the pasta machine is also beneficial during transportation. It is small, light and compact hence highly portable. This makes the pasta maker an ideal item for people who are always on the move.


Homdox Pasta MakerAn important tip to consider when shopping for a pasta maker is the quality and types of materials used for various parts. This is because you could end up buying a pasta maker which will barely serve you for months or just weeks, instead of years of serve that they usually promise. Well, some pasta makers have horrible quality and could already be damaged at arrival. While others will wear off during use and litter your dough or pasta with ugly particles of metals rendering the appliance useless.

Made of solid stainless steel, Homdox Pasta Maker is built to last a lifetime. The body, rollers, and blades have a solid structure that makes this pasta maker strong for daily use. Homdox will faithfully serve you, your family and friends with steaming pasta for a long time.


  • Easy to Use
  • Good price
  • Comes with an easy to turn hand crank
  • Stylish
  • Easy to Clean


  • Additional attachments come at additional costs
  • Does not come with a user manual


  1. How wide are the rollers? And what width of pasta can it produce?
  2. The rollers are 7.5 inches wide. The actual pasta width that they produce is 5.75 inches.
  3. The pasta maker does not come with a user manual, how can I access user instructions?
  4. There are interesting YouTube videos on how to use the Homdox pasta maker.
  5. Is this pasta maker very heavy?
  6. No. However, it has a good stable built


Forget about cheap pasta makers that will end up breaking up or not delivering what they promise. Homdox pasta maker provides a simple and an affordable solution to those who want to enjoy various types of homemade pasta as well as people who want to avoid unhealthy additives that are characteristic of store-bought pasta.

Including this pasta maker into the list of your kitchen appliances brighten up your table with various pasta delicacies made from ingredients of your choice and cut to suit you. It is a professional yet easy to use pasta maker that comes at an amazingly affordable price. This is a product you will surely recommend to a true friend.

Atlas Electric Pasta Machine with Motor Set

Efficient and Classic

For pasta lovers, there is nothing much better than eating nutritious, tasty homemade pasta. The experience and chance of making your own pasta from prefer ingredients are certainly awesome and a sure way of living a healthier lifestyle. However, making pasta at home is only enjoyable when you have the best pasta maker. Continue reading

Norpro Pasta Machine

According to nutritionists and fitness experts, well balanced homemade pasta helps you to maintain a good weight while still enjoying your diet. Homemade pasta is therefore not only delicious but also nutritious and healthy. However, making pasta at home without a pasta maker machine is stressful, tedious and messy for professionals and novices alike. Do not worry, with the Norpro Pasta Machine pasta machine is making fresh pasta at home is effortless and fun. Continue reading

Premium Cucitella Pasta Maker

Sturdy, Built to Last and Easy to Use

With the rising number of pasta maker models currently in the market, shopping for a good pasta maker is now one of the most difficult undertakings. It becomes more challenging when you do not know the tips to consider when buying a pasta maker. Basically, many shoppers will consider the price, design, ease of use and performance. The Premium Cucitella Pasta Maker guarantees all that and much more. Continue reading


Once you have made your own pasta, you will never look back. There is something about homemade pasta that is not comparable to store bought pasta.  We call it luxury.  Homemade pasta is luxurious!

If you are making your own pasta, it is essential to own a good pasta maker.  You’re going to be spending a fair amount of time in the kitchen, and so you want to make it worthwhile.  You want a pasta maker that is easy to use, seamless to use and delivers every time.

We’ve made it easy for you by selecting five different styles of the pasta maker.  Have a look at each one before you make a selection.

  • Premium pasta maker
  • Atlas Electric pasta machine with motor set
  • Norpro pasta machine
  • G&M professional pasta maker machine with hand crank
  • Weston 6 inch traditional style pasta machine

We’re going to go through each one so you can make your decision.

Premium pasta maker

The premium pasta maker will have everyone thinking you’re a chef.  This pasta maker comes at an excellent price at the same time as offering excellent quality.  It has separate steel cutters allowing you to choose the thickness of the pasta – spaghetti, fettuccine or angel hair.

The rollers are adjustable, and the hand crank is designed in such a way that you can churn out noodles galore without getting tired arms.

Who is the premium pasta maker an ideal machine for?

This is the ideal machine if you want to make your own pasta and are just starting out.  The Cucitella is simple to use and compact enough to keep in a cupboard.  It is easy to whip out and use daily, on your own or with friends and family.  It is super durable and comes with a guarantee.

Features of the premium pasta maker

*     This pasta maker is made by Cucitella, is highly reputable and 100% guaranteed.

*     The premium pasta maker is made out of extra strong stainless steel and has a stunning matte black finish

*     There is a hand crank, easily adjustable to suit your counter surface.

*     Ideal for spaghetti, fettuccine and angel hair pasta.

*     It is a high-quality machine and excellent value for money.

*     Works with thin and thick dough, you control the thickness.

Are you a first-time pasta maker?

This is the ideal machine if you want to make your own pasta and are just starting out.  The Cucitella is simple to use and compact enough to keep in a cupboard.  It is easy to whip out and use daily, on your own or with friends and family.  It is super durable and comes with a guarantee.

Cucitella will change the way you think about making lunch or dinner.  There is nothing nicer than fresh homemade pasta, and you cannot compare it to the store-bought packet pasta.

What do you need to get going?

Take out the eggs, olive oil, flour, and salt.  Get going and note –  once you have ordered this machine you can send it back if you are unhappy with your purchase.

Cucitella is a good brand, solid, durable and easy to use.

Spaghetti for dinner tonight? Home made? The Cucitella will make it easy.

Atlas Electric pasta machine with motor set

The Atlas electric pasta maker is simple to use.  You can choose the kind of pasta you want to make, spaghetti, fettuccine or linguini, by adjusting the special rollers.  The machine comes with a motor of 110 V, which means you do not have to hand crank the dough.  This is a fairly advanced machine; it makes the pasta for you while you can do something else with your hands.

Why is the Atlas electric pasta maker a good one?

The Atlas electric pasta maker comes with a good warranty.  It is a good looking machine and fits in with any contemporary or Italian style kitchen.  It is a high-quality machine, and you will be able to make high-quality Italian pasta with this Italian machine.

Nobody knows pasta better than the Italians!  If you are a novice cook, the machine comes with a booklet of recipes.  You will learn how to make the freshest and delicious pasta, as well as an array of sauces from Neapolitan, marinara, puttanesca, creamy mushroom and more.

Features of the Atlas electric pasta maker

*    This pasta maker is made by Atlas

*    The Atlas electric pasta maker is made of chrome plated steel

*    The rollers and cutters are made of anodized aluminum

*    The motor has two speeds.

*    There are attachments for two kinds of pasta.

*    The machine is easily adjustable, working for thin or thick pasta.

*    Comes with a variety of recipes.

Why homemade pasta?

Homemade pasta is healthy and delicious.  With this machine, you get to regulate the size, type, and thickness of your pasta.  The motor is separate from the machine and can be replaced if necessary.  The machine is easy to clean, and all that is needed is a pastry brush and warm cloth. It is easy to store, looks good, is durable and the electric motor is a big plus.

Norpro pasta machine

This is excellent pasta maker for a novice cook or an experienced cook.  The machine is very well made and put together, and excellent value for money.  It comes with a 100% guarantee and warranty.  The cutters work well and cut the dough super thin.  It is an excellent machine for spaghetti, fettuccine and angel hair pasta.  You choose the thickness or thinness, and the clamp makes it very easy to adjust.

What are the benefits of the Norpro pasta machine?

You can choose the thickness of your pasta and can also adjust the machine so that you can work on any table surface.  Some cooks are taller than others, or surfaces are the difference.  The machine and the hand crank can be adjusted to suit your height.

Homemade pasta is so much better than store bought packet pasta and this machine makes it easy for you to make.  Even for a first-time pasta maker, this machine will enhance the experience.  And your pasta will be fresh and tasty.

Features of the Norpro, pasta maker

*    This pasta maker is made by Norpro

*    The Norpro pasta maker is made of chrome plated steel

*    The rollers are made of nickel plated steel

*    This machine cuts pasta sheets, fettuccine, and vermicelli

*    It is 5 inches by 8 inches x 5 inches.  (13 cm x 20 cm x 13 cm)

*    It has a table or countertop clamp

*    It comes with a recipe book

*    The instruction manual is well detailed.

*    Hand washing is recommended.

How easy it to use the Norpro, pasta maker?

Note that the pasta maker is easy to use, strong and durable machine, and also easy to clean.  Hand cleaning is important for most pasta makers and a pastry brush or similar is recommended to get in all the corners and crevices.  This machine is good quality and excellent value for money.

For fresh and homemade Italian size pasta, buy your own machine now.

G&M professional pasta maker machine with hand crank

This machine makes it easy for you to make your own Italian homemade pasta.  It is made out of stainless steel and has easy to clean anodized aluminum blades.  The machine comes together with a kneading unit, hand crank, counter top clamp, extruder and cleaning brush.

What can you do with the G&M professional pasta maker?

You can make pasta of varying thickness, including lasagna, spaghetti, fettuccine and angel hair pasta.  G&M also give you a very good recipe book and are up to date with may kinds of pasta, not just dough.  They will teach you how to make pasta out of vegetables, such as zucchini. Vegetable pasta is very healthy, especially for the gluten-free people.

Features of the G&M professional pasta maker with hand crank

*    This pasta maker is made by G&M

*    It is made out of sturdy stainless steel

*    The blades are made out of anodized aluminum

*    The pasta maker has a hand crank.

*    The pasta maker comes with a 100% guarantee and warranty.

*    It comes with a cleaning brush.

*    Adjustable rollers for kneading.

*    The recipe book is comprehensive and filled with ideas.

*    You can make pasta of any thickness you choose.

*    Ideal for spaghetti, lasagne, fettuccine and angel hair pasta.

What is the beauty of this machine?

The beauty of a pasta machine is that you get to choose the ingredients, and you control exactly what goes into your pasta.  It is excellent for healthy living, and also excellent as a family or friend bonding experience.  The machine is easy to store in your kitchen and looks very beautiful, contemporary and Italian.

What do you need to use the G&M pasta maker?

You only need flour, water, eggs and olive oil, or vegetables, and you can begin.  The instruction booklet is comprehensive and will guide even the first time cook.  You can also make ravioli with this machine and would only need to get a ravioli cutter.  The machine is reasonably priced, good value for money, durable and sturdy.

Weston 6 inch traditional style pasta machine

This pasta maker is a traditional style pasta maker, manufactured by Weston.  The thing that makes it stand out is its yellow hand crank.  It is a machine that has used modern technology, combined with old world tradition, and it is a very beautiful looking pasta maker.

What kind of pasta can the Weston 6 inch traditional pasta machine make?

It can make a wide variety of pasta, including spaghetti, angel hair pasta, linguini, fettuccine, lasagne, half moon and square ravioli.  It kneads the dough easily and strongly and shapes it with ease.

Features of the Weston 6 inch traditional style pasta machine

*    Excellent value for money

*    High-quality machine

*    Tested for health and safety

*    Made out of stainless steel

*    Multiple thickness pasta because of adjustable rollers

*    Double cutting head for spaghetti or fettuccine

*    Clamp to attach the machine to a table top or counter

*    Excellent instruction book

*    Comprehensive and inspiring recipe book

*    Performance was driven

Why choose the Weston 6 inch traditional style pasta machine?

This Weston six inch traditional pasta maker also comes in the color red.  It is a delightful mix of old and new, contemporary and traditional, and an excellent machine for hand made pasta.  Store bought pasta is fine when you are in a hurry and need to whip up a quick meal.  Handmade pasta is fresh and delicious, super tasty and also super healthy as you can control what goes into the ingredients.

How easy is it to make pasta?

Making your own pasta from a high-quality machine like this is easy.  Whether you are a first-time chef, a newcomer to the kitchen or an experienced pasta maker, this machine is strong, durable, easy to use, not intimidating, and importantly, also easy to clean.  It has a double cutting head, and you can monitor, or choose, the thickness of your pasta.  If you prefer angel hair pasta, this machine will do it.  If you like fettuccine, no problem.

How to choose the best pasta maker

Choosing the best pasta maker can feel like an overwhelming task.  How do you choose, especially when there are so many on the market?  You, of course, want to have the best pasta maker at the best possible price.  You need to choose whether you choose an electric pasta maker or a regular pasta maker.  You need to go through all the pasta maker reviews, look at the various pasta maker brands and then make a choice.

Why are you going to make your own pasta?

If you are a first-time pasta maker, you probably don’t want a machine that is very fancy. You may be looking at a hand-crank model that you can clamp onto your counter top or table easily.  You will want a machine that is easy to assemble, easy to use and then easy to clean up.  Many of the hand crank pasta makers are the best pasta makers on the market.  The crank arms fit into a socket on the side of the pasta maker, and you then turn it by hand to get the rollers going.

Are you going to make a lot of pasta?

If you are planning on making a lot of pasta, you may want the best electric pasta maker.  The best electric pasta makers will take some of the stress off you as you do not need to crank the machine by hand.  For the busy chef, this is ideal as your hands are then free to start perhaps making the pasta sauce.  Also, if you are planning on making a lot of pasta, you want to buy the machine that is more durable and that comes with a lifetime guarantee and warranty.

A durable pasta maker

It is a good idea to look for a pasta maker that is going to last you a long time.  The best pasta maker will have stainless steel and all metal parts.  You also want the kind of pasta maker that has many different thickness settings.  Five is good if you can find that.

How to test a pasta maker

A good way to test a pasta maker is to take it out the box and insert the crank arm.  It should be fairly easy to fit in it, and the arm should then be easy to crank.  If it feels impossible to turn, this is not the pasta maker for you.  The best pasta maker will have a hand crank that is easy to turn, and that does not need to much muscle.

Before you buy your pasta maker, make sure you have a tabletop or surface that you can use.  And of course, the best pasta maker will have a clamp to attach the machine to the surface.

How to choose a pasta maker model

There are many types of pasta makers on the market.  You need to have a look at the best pasta makers.  There are Premium pasta makers, Atlas Electric pasta machine with the motor set, Norpro pasta machine, G&M professional pasta maker machine with hand crank and the Weston 6 inch traditional style pasta machine, amongst others.

Read the pasta maker reviews; it is really important to do that.  Look at the best pasta maker brands.  Decide if you want a hand pasta maker or an electric pasta maker.  Look at the various pasta making machines online and see which one best suits you.

With a pasta maker you are looking for:

*    Durability

*    Reliability

*    Good value

*    Quality

*    Easy to use

*    Instructions

*    Guarantee

*    Warranty

*    Recipe Book

*    Easy to clean

*    24-hour support

*    Backup

Whereas in the past people bought over the counter pasta without a second, though, homemade pasta has become very popular.  In the long run, it is cost effective but is also delicious, fresh, tasty and healthy.  You get to choose the ingredients, and there is nothing nicer than being in your kitchen, surrounded by family and friends, making a meal from scratch.  Especially an Italian meal.

Are you going manual or electric?

In choosing the best pasta maker, you need to decide if you are going to a hand crank machine or the best electric pasta maker.  You always need to look at the price and look at the pasta maker reviews.  Look how complicated or uncomplicated the pasta maker is.  You want a machine that is good quality because a poor quality machine is not going to last for a long time.  You want a machine that is durable, reliable, long lasting, easy to use and good looking too.

There are a few more things to look at:

*    Size of the pasta maker

*    Weight of the pasta maker

*    Clamp for attaching to table or counter top

*    Size of rollers, and how many

*    What kind of pasta can it make

*    What is the ultimate thickness of the pasta

*    What is the ultimate thinness of the pasta

*    Do you want a hand crank machine

*    If it is hand crank, is it easy to use

*    Do you want an electric pasta maker

*    If yes, are the motors hardy

*    Can the engines be replaced if necessary


How to clean the machine

It is also very important to look at the cleaning of the machine.  Most machines come with a cleaning device, but not all of them.  Pasta makers have lots of corners and crannies that can get very dirty and only a particular utensil, similar to a toothbrush or pastry brush, can get in those corners.  You probably want to buy a machine that comes with something to clean it.

Instruction booklets and recipes

When you buy your pasta maker, and we hope you buy the best pasta maker, it will come with an instruction booklet.  It will tell you exactly how to assemble your machine, how to put the hand crank in, how to switch on the motor and how to switch it off.  It will also come with a recipe book.  Or, it should also come with a recipe book.  When you are doing your research on the best pasta maker, or looking at best pasta maker reviews, look out for information on the recipe books.

A recipe book should ideally tell you what ingredients you need to make fresh pasta with, and give you the directions.

Fresh egg pasta recipe

You only need eggs and olive oil.  You can add some salt and olive oil too.  Here is a very simple way to make your own fresh egg pasta.

Instructions:make your own pasta

*    Pour 600 grams flour into a bowl

*    Make a well in the center.

*    Crack six eggs separately and mix with a fork

*    Pour the eggs into the well

*    Use the tips of your fingers and mix the eggs into the flour

*    Knead the dough together with your hands

*    Soon you will get one smooth round ball of dough

Remember, you can do the above with a blender if you have a blender!

Once your dough feels smooth, wrap it in some cling wrap and leave it in the fridge for half an hour.    Cover it well as you do not want it to dry out.

Now the fun part, you are about to use your pasta maker.

fresh pasta recipe

How to use your pasta maker?

*    Make sure your pasta maker is clamped to the table or counter

*    Shift all clutter out of the way and have a clean workspace

*    Dust your work surface with flour

*    Take a handful of pasta and press it out flat with your fingertips.

*    Set your pasta machine at the widest setting

*    Roll the handful of pasta dough through the machine.

*    If the dough is sticking, dust it lightly with flour.

*    Go one setting lower and roll the dough through it again.

*    Fold the past in half.

*    Go one setting up and roll it through again.

*    Repeat five or six times, it will become rhythmic and easy, you won’t need to think

What you are doing above is working the dough.  Wide setting, narrow setting, wide setting, narrow setting. Once it has been through the rollers many times it will start to feel smooth and silky.

Now you are going to roll it out properly, from the widest to the narrowest.  You are going to keep rolling, as per your machine instructions, until it is soft, silky and almost see through.  Once it is the way you want it, you are going to shape or cut it.  Lay a damp tea towel over it to stop it from drying out.

And then you are going to cut it into strips, or with a cutter, cut it into shapes.

Pasta sauces

While you have been making your pasta, you can also be making your sauce.  The best pasta maker will have come with a recipe book too, and you could be making a delicious meat sauce or a vegetarian sauce, depending on what you and your family like to eat.  Remember, when you make homemade pasta, it is full of flavor and freshness, and you could choose to make a very simple olive oil sauce or just a plain tomato sauce.  Mince or bolognese is always a bit hit with the family.  If you are vegetarian, a few asparagus tossed in butter are excellent, or a creamy sage sauce too.

Manual pasta maker or electric pasta maker?

It depends on how much pasta you are going to make.  But it also depends on the kind of pasta you want to make.  A classic manual pasta maker will traditionally make spaghetti, fettuccine, angel hair pasta, pappardelle, and lasagne.  You can also, with a special cutter, make ravioli or cannelloni.

With an electric pasta maker, you can make all of the above, spaghetti, fettuccine, lasagne, angel hair and pappardelle, but you can also make round-shaped pasta such as penne.  This is where a pasta extruder comes from, and when you choose the best electric pasta maker, looks for one that has a good extruder.  And remember, if you want to make ravioli, you need to busy a ravioli stamp or a pasta cutter separately.

If you are making pasta often, buy the electric pasta maker.  And look for the best electric pasta maker that you can find.  You can still use a regular pasta maker, even if you are making pasta every single day, just remember it will be a little bit more work.

Verdict / Conclusion

It is a really nice idea to have your own pasta maker.  The best pasta maker for you could be a regular pasta maker machine that you operate by hand or you might be in the market for an electric pasta maker.  You need to look at how often you will be making pasta, and what you expect from the machine.

From our research, we can say you should look at the Premium pasta maker, Atlas Electric pasta machine with the motor set, Norpro pasta machine, G&M professional pasta maker machine with hand crank or the Weston 6 inch traditional style pasta machine.

These are all excellent machines, durable, strong, guaranteed and successful.  We think they are the top six pasta makers on the market.  Each one has its own unique qualities, and you will need to look at the qualities of each one to decide which to buy.

Have a look at the guarantees and warranties so you know what you are getting.

Remember, you want a pasta maker that is easy to assemble, easy to use, easy to wash and easy to store away.  It needs to have a clamp so that it can fit onto any work surface.  If it is going to be stored on a kitchen counter, you want it to look good too.  It should be made of a strong and durable material and be sustainable.

A pasta maker should be in your kitchen for life. Often they are passed down from generation to generation.  You want your pasta maker to not only make good pasta but to look good too.

All the pasta maker machines mentioned here are of contemporary design, well made, good quality and durable.  They all come with various guarantees, and they all come with easy to use instruction booklets.  And don’t forget the recipe book, that is important too.

Are you going to be making supper for your family tonight?

Do you want an Italian-style supper?

Do you want to bond with your family while you make supper?

Do you have eggs and flour handy?

If the answer to the above four questions is yes, we hope you have a pasta maker.  If you do not have a pasta maker, we think it is time for you to buy one.

Check out all the reviews…  Look at what people are saying about the various pasta maker machines.  Decide if you want a hand-operated the machine or an electric machine.  Are you going to making spaghetti only, or do you want to make penne too?  Do you want to make pasta every day, every few days or just once a week?

All these things will determine which pasta maker you end up buying.  You are spending a fair amount of money on a pasta machine, and you want to know that it is money well spent.  Go through all the guidelines above, and have a look at each pasta maker.

You only need to go through the many pasta maker reviews to see which one is the right pasta maker machine for you.

Go forth and make your homemade pasta.


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