Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What materials can I use to clean up the machine?

A: It is easy to clean the machine using a pastry brush or a piece of clean cloth.

Q: In a case where I have a problem with the motor, is it possible to replace it?

A: Yes. The motor is separate and easy to remove and reattach. You can safely order it from Amazon separately.

Q: Is the 110V motor usable in all countries across the world?

A: No. This 110V specification suits USA users the most.

Q: Does the G&M pasta machine make angel hair pasta?

A: Yes. The 0.3mm cutter makes angel hair pasta

Q: Is the clamp adjustable and what is the thickest counter that it can conveniently attach to?

A: The clamp is easily adjustable and can attach to counters of up to 2″ in thickness

Q: How wide are the rollers? And what width of pasta can it produce?

A: The rollers are 7.5 inches wide. The actual pasta width that they produce is 5.75 inches.

Q: The pasta maker does not come with a user manual, how can I access user instructions?

A: There are interesting YouTube videos on how to use the Homdox pasta maker.

Q: Is this pasta maker very heavy?

A: No. However, it has a good stable built

Q: Does the Atlas 150 pasta maker come with a vice clap to attach it to a counter or tabletop?

A: Yes. It has an adjustable clamp that fits well on countertops of various thicknesses.

Q: Why are the recipes in the booklet stating, “Do not add any salt?”

A. Most Italian foods have no salt or very little amount. However, here in America, add salt if it tastes better. 

Q: Should both rollers turn when operating the machine?

A. Yes. Both rollers should be turning when the hand crank is put correctly.

Q: Can I use the machine just to roll and flatten the dough without cutting?

A: Yes. The roller is separate from the cutting blades.

Q: What is the common setting for most recipes?

A: The settings are according to your ingredients, and what you intend to make. However, most recipes are best with the third and fourth settings.

Q: How wide is the sheet of pasta?

A: The sheet pasta from the rollers is 5.5 inches

Q: Is this machine ideal for a novice?

A: Yes. Whether you have no experience with pasta makers, or you have never made pasta before, this is your machine.

Q: Can the machine make a fondant?

A: Yes, pretty good.

Q: Does it come with a clamp to hold it stable on the countertop?

A: Yes. The clamp is easy to adjust

Q: Does the product work with stickier dough like those containing rice?

A: Yes. It works well with all types of ingredients. However, for very sticky dough, it is advisable to dust it with dry flour before rolling the dough.

Q: Does it come with a clamp?

A: Yes. Though the clamp is not an ordinary type of C-clamp, it comes with other pasta machines. This one has a screw type of clamp with pre-drilled holes in the pasta machine for the screws.

Q: Does the Cucitella pasta maker jam up frequently?

A: No. I have yet to experience such a problem after consistently using this machine for nearly four months.

Q: How wide is the sheet of dough that this machine can roll out?

A: The machine can roll out up to about 6″ wide dough, which in my view is very impressive.

Q: Are the cutting blades metallic or plastic?

A: The blades are metallic but safe for food preparation. It is only the ravioli press is plastic.

Q: Is the whole pasta maker metallic?

A: Yes. The pasta maker is all stainless steel except for the ergonomic plastic handle.