Low Carb Italian Protein Pasta

The low protein-carbohydrate paste is a paste with high protein content and a very low value in carbohydrates. It is the perfect alternative to traditional pasta without giving up its flavor, but with the advantage that it is not fattening. If we add to these qualities that it is made in Italy, the cradle of pasta, we get the best low-carbohydrate Italian Protein Pasta that you can add to your diet.

If you’re on a low-carbohydrate, protein diet, take note of the following Italian pasta brands.

The 3 best brands of Italian LowCarb Protein Pasta

1. Young Pasta

Pasta Young is one of the brands of  Rustichella d’Abruzzo, one of the kings of Italian pasta. Specifically, Pasta Young is the name with which they have baptized their line of low-carbohydrate protein pasta. A pasta with exceptional nutritional values ​​that take care of you on the inside, like no other brand has done, and make you enjoy it like always.

Did you know…?

The Rustichella d’Abruzzo company, which created Pasta Young, was founded by Gaetano Sergiacomo in 1924 and today his grandchildren continue with the family business. In addition, the company in its beginnings was a wheat mill, so today, they control production from the first step of the transformation of the raw material to drying.

The new generation

In recent years, the new generation has introduced a complete range of protein foods aimed at people who want to take care of their diet. The result of years of research has resulted in a pasta rich in proteins of high biological value called Pasta Young, which you can buy at OutletSalud.com

High Protein PastaYoung

Pasta Young contains 55% vegetable proteins of high biological value. A protein pasta with 65% fewer carbohydrates than traditional pasta, which cooks similarly and has a texture and appearance very similar to this one. What amounts to a great game of pasta, right?

A curious fact is that it is free of genetically modified ingredients (GMO). In addition, it is suitable for vegans.


The protein low-carb pasta dough Young is available in several formats, we present below some of them:

2. FeelingOkProtein Pasta

FeelingOK is another of the Italian brands that lead the ranking of low-carbohydrate foods. In addition, of its famous croissants, which are always in the top ten sales of OutletSalud.com, it has a great variety of pasta divided into two phases.

Phases of FeelingOk low carbohydrate protein pastes

On the one hand, we have the phase 1 pastes that help you activate the metabolism. Protein Pastes activate your metabolism causing your body to use fat reserves as an energy source and this, in turn, causes weight loss.

On the other hand, there is the phase 2 pasta that will help you lower your glycemic load. It’s content based on the balance between protein and fiber and also low in carbohydrates makes it a low glycemic index pasta. Its high fiber and protein content will give you a feeling of satiety.

Innovation in LowCarbs protein foods

FeelingOk is an Italian brand that is committed to innovative methods to improve people’s well-being, but without sacrificing the Mediterranean food tradition. His line of foods is based on reducing carbohydrates and increasing protein and fiber. It has a wide range of products ideal for protein diets, high in fiber and low in carbohydrates.

From Italy, arrive at OutletSalud.com batches of food FeelingOk made with quality ingredients like Olive Oil Extra Virgin. In addition, they eliminate soy and flour from all products, the design of their packaging guarantees the maximum freshness of the product for a longer time and is packaged in robust boxes to preserve them better during transport.

FeelingOk pastes

FeelingOk pasta contains a high level of protein, up to 60%, and they are very low in carbohydrates. If you choose a paste that belongs to phase 1 (you can identify it by its red packaging), you will activate your metabolism to lose weight. If you choose a phase 2 pasta (the ones in the yellow package) that contains more fiber, you will lower the glycemic load.

They are LowCarb pastes suitable for people who want to lose weight, athletes, vegetarians, or diabetics. FeelingOk makes all its pasta following traditional Italian recipes, but with innovation in its processes to achieve a low-carbohydrate protein pasta that fits a healthy diet without giving up the pleasure of a pasta dish.

As you can see, you have before you another great brand of protein Italian pasta to keep an eye on. Here are some formats to whet your appetite:

3. CiaoCarb

Last but not least, we have the most sought-after Italian brand: CioCarb. As its name suggests, it says goodbye to carbohydrates and hello to protein. Their cookies are raffled off as soon as they walk in the door, the croissants, just like FeelingOk’s, too. And of course, as a good Italian food brand, they have a wonderful line of low-carb pasta. Like the previous brand, this one is divided into two phases according to the objective you want to achieve.

Phases of CiaoCarb’s Low Carb Pasta

The pastes that belong to phase 1 activate your metabolism. They have a high protein content that makes it possible for you to lose weight.

The pastes phase 2 lower glycemic load. Its content is based on the balance between protein and fiber. It has very little carbohydrates and is very satisfying.

Pioneers in low-carb eating

CiaoCarb is a leading brand in Europe in the production of innovative food for health. It has a vast catalog of low-carbohydrate products. In addition, it has a team of fantastic nutritionists who have managed to develop a revolutionary formula that is distributed in three phases to respond to the different dietary needs of each person. The third, and last phase, does not have pasta, but it does have other foods. This phase is aimed at maintaining the person. They are low-carbohydrate products, although a little more than those belonging to phases 1 and 2, to follow that diet reduced in this nutritional value, but richer in fiber. This line of food is ideal to provide extra energy when playing sports.

CiaoCarb’s protopastes

The entire range of CiaoCarb pastes has a high protein value (up to 60%) and a low carbohydrate value. Perfect food for high protein diets.

The entire range of CiaoCarb proto pasta products meets the nutritional values ​​that an athlete, diabetic, vegetarian, or anyone who likes to take care of their diet is looking for. CiaoCarb makes its pasta following the Italian tradition. It offers high-quality food with the difference that it is not fattening.

CiaoCarb is an Italian brand that you can welcome and that you will never regret. Below you can take a look at some of the formats that we have.

Ronney Bien

Ronney Bien is a culinary visionary and a maestro of pasta artistry, whose passion for pasta knows no bounds. With a deep-seated love for the Italian culinary tradition, Ronney has made it his life's work to create pasta that tantalizes the taste buds and leaves a lasting impression.

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