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What is a Pasta Maker?

When you are looking for the best pasta maker, you may first want to learn what a pasta maker is to help you choose the one that will fit your needs. Of course, a pasta maker is nothing more than a machine that helps you make your own pasta fresh and with your own recipe or fresh pasta recipes for pasta machine that others have created. There are several different types on the market today and it can be very hard to make a decision if you are not sure about which one will be the best pasta maker to fit your needs. Continue reading

G&M Professional Pasta Maker Machine with Hand Crank: Kneads and Extrudes

Enthusiasts of flavored traditional homemade pasta will find it impossible to enjoy commercial pasta, be it fresh or dry. This is because making your own pasta at home gives you the opportunity to control the types, quantity, and quality of the ingredients you incorporate. You can, therefore, create all varieties of colors and tastes by adding natural and tasty ingredients such as tomato, spinach or even chocolate. Well, this goal is only achievable with a good pasta maker machine.

When our old pasta maker began to make creaky sounds, we decided that it was the ideal time to look for a replacement for it. We did not want a similar model as there are aspects we did not like about it. Overall, it was an average pasta machine. After months of researching online and asking friends, we settled on the G&M Professional Pasta Maker Machine with Hand Crank. Let me share with you the findings of my research.

Pasta Maker MachineThis pasta machine is ideal for any of the following;

  • Professional chefs
  • Beginners with no experience in pasta making
  • Middle and low budget shoppers

Key Features and Specifications of G&M Professional Pasta Maker Machine with Hand Crank 7 Thickness Settings.

This kitchen essential pasta maker machine has seven thickness settings. These variation rangers from hair –size 0.5mm to 3 mm, which is slightly thicker than the standard spaghetti. It enables users to vary the thickness of pasta according to their preferences.

Smart Pasta MakerMoreover, the machine comes with adjustable rollers capable of making various shapes of pasta. According to many reviews of this pasta maker machine, users find this really helpful and fun. The two features are also important because they give this pasta machine the ability to take in all types of ingredients. Whether you are a fan of pasta made of basic ingredients such as water, floor, and eggs to healthier and more enriching ingredients like tomatoes, spinach, milk, cucumber and many other vegetables, this machine will give you amazing results.

Has a Counter Top Clamp and a Sturdy Build

The productivity and suitability of any manual pasta maker lie mainly in its build and the clamping system.

The G&M professional pasta maker machine scores highly here. It has a solid stainless steel frame and body which makes it compact and stable during cranking. The crank fits snugly into this machine to effectively turn the anodized aluminum rollers.

Pasta Maker Machine with Hand CrankSecondly, the machine comes with an adjustable clamp which helps in fixing it and making the machine sturdier during use. You will agree with me that clamping down the machine on a table top or counter top takes away your focus from controlling unnecessary machine movements during use and gives you ample time to concentrate on cranking the machine.

Extrudes and Kneads

The effortless set up and use of this pasta machine make it an invaluable asset in every kitchen. The design and build of this G&M machine allow easy removal and replacement of the rollers. When properly set its using is so easy and very fast. It takes about 10 minutes to make quality pasta from any recipe.

Another feature that makes this machine outstanding is the inclusion of an extruder. With this, you can easily and quickly extrude fettuccine, spaghetti, lasagna and much more noodles without going through the tedious process of mixing your dough by hand. Well, just to make it clear, this is a feature that is missing in most manual pasta maker machines. Finally, with the professional pasta maker, kneading is fast and easy.

Additional Attachments

Best Pasta MakerAs a matter of fact, additional attachments maximize the usability and output of any pasta maker machine.

Most pasta machines with attachment options sell the attachments separately. However, the G&M

Professional Pasta Maker Machine with hand crank comes with the extra attachments at no additional costs, which makes it one of the best pasta maker machines in its category.

These attachments are essential in making your work easier, faster and more efficient. The attachments include a kneading unit which evenly mixes the dough and an extruder which saves you from manually feeding the dough. Other additional parts and equipment include a cleaning brush, a hand crank with an easy to hold the handle and an adjustable countertop clamp.

Reasonably Priced

best pasta machineWith these amazing features and exemplary performance, this machine comes at an amazingly reasonable price. It is worth noting that most pasta machines with these features and productivity cost two times the cost of the G&M professional machine or more.

This low price pasta maker is stylish, stable and highly resourceful. It can knead, extrude and make pasta all in a very short time. Irrespective of your income level, this essential G&M machine gives you a chance to enjoy tasty and healthy homemade pasta.


  • Stylish and adds additional decor to your kitchen
  • Small and compact hence more portable and easy to store
  • Comes with a cleaning brush
  • Toxic -free anodized aluminum blades and rollers


  • The crank occasionally slips out when cranking. One needs to be more careful to prevent this.
  • The spacing of the rollers is not even on both sides of the machine


Q: Does the G&M pasta machine make angel hair pasta?

A: Yes. The 0.3mm cutter makes angel hair pasta

Q: Is the clamp adjustable and what is the thickest counter that it can conveniently attach to?

A: The clamp is easily adjustable and can attach to counters of up to 2″ in thickness


The simplicity and versatility of the G&M professional pasta maker machine make it easy to use and an essential time saver. From ingredients of your choice, the professional pasta machine delivers great quality and homemade nutritional pasta that will make you say goodbye to all the commercial pasta from food stores.

The good price pasta maker has qualities and additional attachments to enable you quickly and easily knead, extrude and make healthy pasta from the comfort of your kitchen. Add it to your shopping basket and enjoy professional -grade fettuccine, spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna, fondant and many other pasta recipes!