The Best Electric Pasta Maker: Philips Electric Pasta Maker and Extruder Reviewed

Looking for the best electric pasta maker? If so, you are in the right place. in the recent past, electric pasta makers have become immensely popular with cooking enthusiasts due to the fact that they not only give users the freedom of coming up with their own unique recipes, but are also much more easier to operate when compared to manual pasta makers. There are several brands of electric pasta makers available in the market but one of the best brands is the Philips electric pasta maker.


The Philip electric pasta maker and extruder is perhaps one of the best electric pasta makers available in the market and for good reason. It boasts of a host of features that most other products in the pasta making category do not have.

Manufactured by Philips, this pasta maker boasts of 1600lb extrusion force and has the capacity to produce 1 pound of pasta within 15 minutes: quite remarkable since most pasta makers usually produce less than this.

The Philips electric pasta maker also comes with four shaping discs and as such, can produce different types of pasta namely: spaghetti, fettuccini, lasagna and penne.

With this pasta maker, making fresh and flavorful homemade pasta has never been easier since the automatic mixing, kneading and extruding feature allows you to make fresh pasta within a short period of time and the best thing is, you can add in your own nutritious ingredients such as carrots, spinach and eggs to the pasta.

Product specifications

The Philips electric pasta maker has the following technical specifications

A dimension of 15.5’ width by 12’’ length by 11.5 height

1600lb extrusion force

Weight 7.5kg

Product features

The Philips electric pasta maker boasts of a host of features that have made it one of the best electric pasta makers in the world. Some of these features include.

Smart storage: in form of a handy storage drawer that can be used for storing the shaping discs and measuring cups ensuring you never misplace any of the vital components that come with the machine.

4 unique shaping discs: these discs give a user the ability to produce different types of pasta i.e. spaghetti, lasagna penne, fettuccini.

Fully automated feature: this is one of the most remarkable features associated with the Philips pasta maker and one of the features that make it the best electric pasta maker in the world. The pasta maker is fully automated and after you select a program put in the ingredients and press the start button, the machine mixes, knead and extrudes the ingredients at one go.

One push cleaning: with a push of a button, the machine automatically cleans the shaping disc using specially designed cleaning tools.

Product pros

The Philips electric pasta maker has a number of advantages associated with it. The following is an overview of some of these advantages.

Easy to use

Unlike most of the products available in the market, the Philips pasta maker is remarkably easy to use. All one has to do is open the lid, pour in the flour and ingredients, add some water and within the next 3 minutes the pasta will start being extruded.


This product has multi-functional features and as such, performs all the processes required to produce the pasta. It mixes the ingredients, kneads the dough and extrudes the pasta.

Different shaping discs

With four different shaping discs, this pasta maker pretty much covers all forms of pasta: spaghetti, penne, lasagna, fettuccini.

Smart storage

This is another remarkable feature that makes this product one of the best in the market. The Philips electric pasta maker comes with a smart storage function in form of a storage drawer and as such, storage of accompanying products such as measuring cups and shaping disc has been made much easier.

Product cons

When it comes to product cons, the Philips electric pasta maker has pretty much covered everything and there is little in terms of product cons. However, there are a few things that might be classified as a disadvantage.


At 7.5 kgs, this pasta maker is considered as being quite heavy but due to the fact that you it is not designed to be moved around at all times, this is not so much a disadvantage and is expected for a product with so many inbuilt functionalities.


Unlike manual pasta makers, cleaning any electric pasta maker is quite challenging, however, the Philips pasta maker self-cleaning function for the shaping discs has made this much easier: but one would still need to clean the pasta maker itself.


Considering the multiple functions offered by the Philip electric pasta maker: it is a definite buy.

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