The best pasta sauces, of all tastes, flavors and colors

We have compiled a list with the best pasta sauces, tasty and with different ingredients. Thus, we can enjoy this food with endless accompaniments.

The best pasta sauces for all tastes

Bolognese sauce best pasta sauces

Bolognese is one of the most common pasta sauces. We can find them in most restaurants and, of course, in all those that specialize in Italian food.

As the name implies, it has its origin in the city of Bologna (Italy). And from there it has become famous throughout the world. It is one of the best pasta sauces.

The ingredients that can never miss a Bolognese sauce are minced meat (beef or pork, usually), carrot, celery, onion, and tomato, which usually comes in the form of sauce. From there, everyone can give their personal touch.

Although it is suitable to accompany all types of pasta, the typical recipe is tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce. The little ones go crazy!

Carbonara saucebest pasta sauces

Another of the pasta sauces that can sound the most is the carbonara sauce. In this case, its origin is in Rome itself.

What are the basic ingredients of carbonara sauce? The egg, Parmesan cheese, bacon (which some substitute for bacon, especially when made outside Italy), black pepper and olive oil. From there, as always, there can be different combinations and varieties, equally exquisite.

The most typical is to add it to spaghetti, but it also combines perfectly with other types of pasta.

Pesto saucebest pasta sauces

Pesto sauce is one of the pasta sauces with more personality. Its green appearance differs from the rest and its intense flavor makes it unique. There are those who hate it and those who love it, but as they say, for tastes the colors. It is one of the best pasta sauces.

In a pesto sauce, you can not miss the ground basil leaves, garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, and olive oil.

The so-called red pesto is a variant of this sauce to which are added, in addition, tomatoes, normally dried or dehydrated. And from there, it can also be prepared with other extra ingredients, such as nuts, pistachios, spinach or arugula, among others.

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Four cheese sauce

This sauce is especially dedicated to cheese lovers in all its shapes, colors, sizes and flavors. And it is that taking pasta with salsa four kinds of cheese is a pleasure for those who are passionate about this product.

The four kinds of cheese that are used vary according to the taste of the cook and the diners, but Parmesan and Emmental cannot be missing. In addition to these, we can add mozzarella and goat cheese or substitute goat cheese for blue cheese, if you want to give it a more intense touch. It is one of the best pasta sauces.

Arrabiata saucebest pasta sauces

Watch out for this sauce, because it stings a lot! But there are many passionate about spicy food lovers, so the arrabbiata sauce is perfect for them.

You can guess by the name that it is another of the pasta sauces that originated in Italy, as the vast majority of the most typical. This, in particular, comes from Rome. It is one of the best pasta sauces.

The ingredients are very simple: tomato, garlic, red chili pepper, olive oil and, optionally, basil and oregano. Do you dare with this hot sauce?

Puttanesca saucebest pasta sauces

The puttanesca sauce, even though his name may seem a little strange in Spanish, is a delicious sauce that makes a great development. It contains numerous ingredients that cause the final taste to be very particular and intense. It is one of the best pasta sauces.

To prepare a puttanesca sauce you need tomato, chili or pepper, anchovies in olive oil, parsley, oregano, black olives, and garlic. In this case, the tomato is usually presented as a sauce but also as sliced ​​tomatoes.

One of the most complete and typical Italian pasta sauces that we can find as an accompaniment to different types of pasta in many restaurants.

Amatriciana saucebest pasta sauces

Another of the pasta sauces that have more history, tradition and, of course, flavor, is the Amatriciana sauce.

With ingredients such as tomato, onion, chili, garlic, and bacon we can achieve a very powerful Amatriciana sauce and with a different flavor to those that we may be used to use for our pasta dishes. It is one of the best pasta sauces.

Caruso saucebest pasta sauces

Caruso sauce is perhaps one of the pasta sauces that most people know least. But not for that reason it is less interesting.

It is very typical in Italy and is usually used for stuffed pasta. Its main ingredients are cream of milk, minced meat, mushrooms or mushrooms, cooked ham, and grated cheese.

The result of this combination is a smooth and creamy sauce, great for some tortellini, ravioli or gnocchi, which are more blunt types of pasta.

Aglio e olio

In addition to these pasta sauces, we have another whose elaboration is very simple and have fewer ingredients. For example, we can prepare a paste with garlic passed through the pan and a little olive oil, which leads us to have a very healthy pasta. It is one of the best pasta sauces.

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