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Five Things That Could Go Wrong During the Conveyancing Process

We all want a smooth and hassle-free conveyancing process, but that does not mean that is what we will receive. Buying and selling houses, like any legal transaction, can be a complicated business. You cannot always predict the unexpected turns conveyancing may take, but it is a good idea to at least be aware of some of the most common issues.


Few things are as frustrating as finding your perfect home, beginning the process of making an offer and then finding someone else has jumped ahead of you with a much higher price. This can happen at any stage of the conveyancing process right until the contracts have been exchanged. You may be able to match the new buyer’s offer, or at least negotiate with the seller to try and find a happy midpoint, but it can send your plans awry.

Broken chain

One person selling a house to another is stressful. A series of people, each selling their house to the next, is even worse. It only takes one person to pull out to cause the whole thing to collapse. You need to keep lines of communication open. If things do go wrong, depending on where it is in the chain, you may end up either having to find another buyer quickly or selling without a new house purchased, which may mean you need to find temporary accommodation.

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Search and survey problems

A house may look perfect in your original viewing, but not all problems are immediately visible. That is why searches and surveys are so important to identify possible complications, such as subsidence, that may not be immediately apparent and could prove costly. An experienced conveyancing solicitor will be able to advise you on possible resolutions to these problems, such as appropriate insurance, but it may also lead to a renegotiated price or even abandoning your purchase.

Billing issues

When large amounts of money are involved, it is easy for things to become complicated. That is especially true when your solicitor does not offer a fixed quote before conveyancing starts but instead springs a surprise bill on you at the end. You need to ensure that every expense is itemised and any unexplained amount is fully explained. If you still have issues, you may need to make a complaint to a regulatory body: either the Legal Ombudsman or Legal Society depending on where you are in the UK

Solicitor issues

This links to the wider potential issue of problems with your solicitor. You are relying on them to understand the complexities of the law and represent your interests well. Unfair billing is one of the most likely causes of complaint, but poor communication, lost documents or any kind of dishonesty or discriminatory behaviour can all hinder the conveyancing process and cause you some distress. It shows the importance of choosing your solicitor carefully and not being afraid to raise concerns.

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When you go to experts such as those at Sam Conveyancing, to try and find conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham, all of these potential challenges are things that you should bear in mind so you can be as prepared as possible to deal with them. Things going wrong is a lot less stressful when it is not a surprise.

Of course, this is not a comprehensive list of potential issues. There are all sorts of unexpected twists and turns during the house buying and selling process that you cannot necessarily predict. They are, however, some of the most common, and therefore the ones you most need to consider as you begin your conveyancing journey.