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AJ’s Seafood: A Delicious Seafood Experience

Do you crave delicious seafood dishes that leave you satisfied and content? AJ’s Seafood could be just what the doctor ordered! With fresh fish to delicious shrimp dishes on its menu, there’s sure to be something here that meets everyone’s palate at this popular seafood eatery. In this article we’ll dive deeper into all that makes up AJ’s Seafood from its history to its signature dishes – everything you need to know! Continue reading

How to Drink Gin The Right Way

As a spirit, gin can be enjoyed in several ways. However, some rules should be followed when drinking gin to ensure you get the most out of it. Gin is a refreshing, herbal drink that pairs well with sweeter fruit juices in cocktails. It is because gin has a dry, refreshing taste that does not overpower other ingredients. Continue reading