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How to make salmon alfredo pasta?

Salmon is a fish that has many health benefits for the human body. It contains omega-3 fatty acids and it is high in protein content. It also contains vitamins A, D, E and B12 which are important for our bodies to stay healthy, especially during winter months when we tend to get sick more often. Salmon has been shown to help lower cholesterol levels as well as controlling blood pressure levels so it’s great for anyone who suffers from any type of heart disease or diabetes. However, there are many ways you can prepare salmon including baking it with herbs and spices or even smoking it which gives the meat a delicious flavor! Continue reading

Is Barilla chickpea pasta good for you?

Chickpea pasta is a nutritional powerhouse. It has more protein than regular pasta, fewer net carbs and sugar, and it’s a great gluten-free alternative. There are drawbacks to chickpea noodles, but at the end of the day they’re just one more tool in your healthy eating arsenal. Continue reading