How To Find The Best Pasta Maker?

If you intend to make pasta at home, one of the first things to do is consider how to find the best pasta maker on the market. It might be a good thing to have a pasta maker at home, but the challenge comes in when you decide to go shopping for one. What are the things you need to consider? How will you know if the pasta maker is worth every dollar you spent? Here is a guide to help you.

• What type do you prefer?

How to make pastaThe pasta makers come in two major categories; Extrusion and Rollers. The rollers pasta makers are most suitable for small productions at home. They usually come in electric and manual models. As you would expect, the electric models are easier to use and deliver pasta quickly. However, they are more expensive than the manual models, though quite dependable.

The Extrusion pasta makers are designed for massive productions and are also called commercial pasta makers. They are most suitable when you need to produce huge amounts of pasta in the limited time possible.

• What features does it have?

best homemade pasta makerOther than the type of pasta you choose, you should also consider the features entailed. The features will determine the ease of use, among other factors. For instance, some pasta makers are loaded with at least six discs. Such machines allow you to make different shapes of pasta. Other units come with a clamp that holds it firm on the countertop. This way, you can use it with stability and comfort.

• The construction

If you want to know how to find the best pasta maker, you will also need to consider the construction of that machine. Ideally, choosing a stainless steel pasta maker will benefit you in many ways. First off, the stainless steel unit is extra durable and also has a rust-resistant advantage. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry when water spills on the pasta maker.

• The Brand/Manufacturer

best-pasta-maker-machine-with-hand-crankMany buyers ignore this point, though it is equally vital when you want to find the perfect pasta maker. Ideally, go for Italian-made products, since they are all-time masters of pasta. Even though the Italian made pasta makers are somewhat pricey, they are reliable and built perfectly for the job.

You might also want to consider the sizes and types of pasta you intend to make. Some pasta makers are designed with a cutter attachment that produces customized pasta. Ensure that you keep this in mind as you go shopping. So that is basically how to find the best pasta maker. Other than that, you should always consider your budget as you go out for your preferred model.

Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris is a passionate artisan pasta maker, dedicated to the art of creating handcrafted pasta that delights the senses and transports you to the heart of Italy. With a deep-rooted love for culinary traditions and an unwavering commitment to quality, Sarah has turned her passion for pasta into a lifelong pursuit.

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