What Are Seasonal Wines?

You’ve heard of Cabernet Franc and Riesling, but do you know what makes them seasonal? Here are ten different types of wines to drink at other times of the year. Learn what makes them so unique and how to choose them. Besides the apparent reds, consider trying Rose or Gamay in summer. You might be surprised to find out which of these two types of wine is best for each season. You can also try other available wines during different seasons, such as ice wine. To learn more about different types of seasonal wines, you can visit websites like McBrideSisters.com, visit different wineries, or join a wine club. But to get you started, this article will give you an idea of what wines are best to drink in a specific season.

Rose is a summer wine.

Rose is the perfect wine for summertime picnics and beach getaways. This wine’s fruity aromas and flavors are reminiscent of strawberry, peach, and Mandarin orange. Its flavor is pleasantly balanced, with hints of vanilla and a light minerality. The refreshing acidity and food-friendly character make this wine the perfect choice for summer picnics and parties. Of course, the best way to enjoy this summer wine is chilled.

Cabernet Franc is a fall wine.

Cabernet Franc is a delicious varietal red wine ideal for fall evenings. One Loire Valley winemaker has described this wine as smelling like the forest after a rainstorm. This wine is best drunk when it is aged, so expect to taste notes of red fruits, spice, and earth. You can also expect to smell fresh-fallen leaves as you drink this wine. It’s easy to see why Cabernet Franc is an excellent fall wine.

Gamay is a spring wine.

Known as one of the most refreshing spring wines, Gamay is a native grape of the Auvergne region of Southern France. Vincent and Marie Tricot work 40-year-old vines in this region. They ferment whole clusters and de-stemmed grapes with semi-carbonic maceration. Their Les Petites Fleurs is a funky, fresh wine with excellent minerality. It pairs well with cheeses, especially gorgonzola.

Riesling is a summer wine.

The best time of year to drink Riesling is from late May through early September when its fruity, tangy character screams summer. Its taste is similar to a zesty fruited wheat beer, like a Margarita or a Mojito or a tart and juicy peach. However, the acidity in Riesling keeps it from being too sweet, and it lowers the perception of sweetness. Some Rieslings even mimic agave and mint flavors.

Gruner Veltliner is a fall wine.

The flavors of Gruner Veltliner are intense and have primary citrus notes with herbal undertones. It is best served chilled, around 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Food pairings for Gruner Veltliner include Asian-style dishes and spicy foods. This wine also pairs well with complex vegetables. It pairs well with many words as a fall wine, although it may not be suitable for heavy dishes. Red meat, for example, is better paired with a glass of red wine.

Beaujolais Nouveau is a fall wine.

The Beaujolais region in France is a small region with fertile hills that span about seven to nine miles and is 34 miles north to south. There are nearly two thousand farmers and several grape varieties grown in this region, but only one is permitted to be used for Beaujolais Nouveau. The wine is exported to Germany, Japan, and the United States. Nevertheless, it hasn’t lost its popularity and should be considered a fall wine.

Pinot noir is a spring wine.

Pinot noir is an excellent choice if looking for a light, fruity, and elegant red wine. Made from the coast of Monterey, this wine is not overly sweet or dry. Moderate tannins balance its fruity flavors. Pinot noir pairs well with poultry, lamb, pork, and cheese. This wine also tastes good at parties. You can find many different Pinot noir varieties at your local wine store, including sparkling versions.

Barbera is a summer wine.

One of the Italian wines, Barbera, is known as the “people’s wine” because of its accessibility and affordable price. With a touch of black, its deep purple color is a reflection of the dark pigmentation in the Barbera grape. Though it is a light red wine, Barbera also has flavors that evoke strawberry, nutmeg, and citrus. Barbera is often served chilled.

Riesling is a fall wine.

The Riesling grape is a versatile varietal that produces a variety of flavors, from sweet to dry. Its sweet taste depends on the grape’s origin and method of production. Rieslings that are sweeter than average have high residual sugar, balanced by the acidity and steely minerality of the grape. There are two basic types of Riesling: the Old World and the New World.

Malbec is a spring wine.

Malbec is a dark, deep red with a slight purple hue in the wine world. It is widely planted in South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, and north Italy. It has also been grown in the Southern United States and Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia. It is often used in cooking because it has a tart, slightly sweet flavor and pairs well with meat dishes. Try pairing it with grilled endive or roasted vegetables for a lighter version of the wine.

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