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Is pasta healthier than rice?

There’s no doubt about it: rice is a great food to eat. It’s cheap, it’s filling, and it’s packed with nutrients. However, pasta is another story. Although pasta is often touted as a healthy alternative to rice, it’s actually loaded with empty calories and low-quality ingredients. Continue reading

How to make pasta carbonara?

Carbonara is a dish that is often taken for granted. A simple pasta dish that can be dressed up in many ways, it is a must-have on any Italian menu. But, if you’re looking to up your pasta game, spaghetti carbonara is the way to go. This dish is all about the layers – starting with a creamy sauce made of eggs and Parmesan cheese, and ending with crispy bacon. If you want to make this dish at home, follow these tips to ensure success! Continue reading

How long is pasta good for in the fridge?

How long pasta can be kept in the fridge? There are three different types of dried pasta: macaroni, penne, and shells. As a general rule, all dried pastas should be stored in an airtight container and kept in the refrigerator for no more than two weeks. Some pastas can last up to four weeks, but only if they are not exposed to too much heat or moisture. Continue reading

Rigatoni Pasta Day: Tips To Make Your Cooking With Riggatoni Pasta

A pasta lunch is a staple of the Italian diet. Pasta makes an easy meal that can be put together quickly and still be healthy. Whether you are looking for something light or hearty, pasta can work for you. Pasta is a staple food for most Italians. Every year, on the first Wednesday of November, pasta-lovers across Italy celebrate Rigatoni Day. This special day celebrates the miracle of pasta: rigatoni, in particular. Continue reading

What goes with pasta salad?

Pasta salads can be an easy, tasty side dish for your next cookout or picnic. But what veggies do you typically see in a pasta salad recipe? And what other sides should you bring to balance out the carbs and proteins? Let’s talk about how you can create your own delicious, balanced meal. Continue reading

How many calories in a bowl of pasta?

PASTA is a simple mixture of unleavened dough made from hard wheat flour, water and sometimes eggs. Popular types of pasta include macaroni, spaghetti, linguine, penne, fusilli, lasagne and ravioli. While there are many different recipes for fresh pasta dishes they all contain the same basic ingredients. But how many calories in a bowl of pasta. Discover here. Continue reading

How to thicken pasta sauce? (Part-2)

Thickening pasta sauce is easy. The best way is to make a beurre manié, which is equal parts flour and butter mixed together into a paste. You can add the beurre manié directly in the saucepan with the pasta sauce, stir to combine thoroughly, simmer for about five minutes (the sauce will become slightly cloudy), then remove from heat. You can also add the beurre manié directly to your pasta before you serve it, mix thoroughly with a little bit of pasta water, then eat. Continue reading