Top 10 Italian pasta dishes

Dare with the 10 Italian pasta dishes! We make it easy for you.

Italians can boast of exquisite gastronomy. Very varied, simple and known throughout the world. The quick fresh pasta to make, the baked pizzas, the tasty sauces …

We today presents a selection of the 10 best Italian dishes made with pasta that you should try at least once in life:

The best Italian pasta dishes

1. Fettuccini Alla Puttanesca (Naples)Italian pasta dishes

The Italian dish with the most peculiar name, undoubtedly the easiest to remember, is that of  fettuccini alla puttanesca  (or “in the style of prostitutes.”) This recipe was served in the 50s, in restaurants with houses of appointments This is why it is called ‘bad fame’, but this dish from Naples is a real delicacy, the fishy flavor invades everything. It is one of the Italian pasta dishes.

2. Pansotti Or Ravioli Alla Genovese (Liguria)Italian pasta dishes

The pansotti are similar to the ravioli but much larger. They are famous in the region of Genoa and, unlike the ravioli,  they are not stuffed with meat, but with vegetables. In Genoa, they are lovers of walnut sauce and wild herbs that grow on the Ligurian coast – like the preboggion -. If you like cheese this dish will allow you to taste the delicious parmesan well known in Liguria.

3. Spaghetti Al Ragù Alla Bolognese (Bologna)Italian pasta dishes

Spaghetti bolognese is one of the most internationalized Italian dishes and with more variants that exist. A habitual recipe in the diet of the Spaniards. The original recipe is very different from the one we know today, it was cooked without tomatoes and the meat was cooked in white wine and milk. In Bologna,  this stew was born in the stately tables of the nobles.

4. Vermicelli Con Le Vongole (Naples)Italian pasta dishes

The spaghetti with clams, perfect to accompany with a good white wine of the region. In Naples they love the sea, they have it in mind both in their lifestyle and in their gastronomy. For this reason, you can try a dish of Italian pasta with a taste similar to the best ceviche in the world, chef Javier Wong’s master dish available to anyone who can not resist a good dish with a taste of the sea.

The vermicelli is cooked with a sauce of garlic and virgin olive oil, white wine, and clams of the Adriatic Sea. Add a pinch of pepper or peperoncini (a type of Italian chili). There are those who do it with tomato, but some Italians consider that it is not necessary.

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5. Lasagna Or Canelonni De Carne (Bologna)Italian pasta dishes

Both lasagna and meat cannelloni are very typical in Italian cuisine. These are sheets of pasta that are stuffed with meat and overlapping layers, in the case of lasagna, or rolled and filled (cannelloni). And finally the final touch; a delicious bechamel sauce A dish that everyone likes, that satisfies and leaves a great taste in your mouth. It is one of the Italian pasta dishes.

6. Bucatini All’amatriciana (Rome)Italian pasta dishes

It is a sin to visit Rome and not stop at a restaurant to eat a good bowl of bucatini all’ amatriciana. Originating from Amatrice, in the Lazio region, this dish is one of the favorites of the Romans. The bucatini is a kind of spaghetti with a hollow hole inside. The sauce, known as gricia, is made with guanciale (Italian bacon), chili pepper, olive oil and tomato cooked over low heat. This dish is not suitable for those who can not stand spicy.

7. Tortelli Di Zucca (Lombardia)Italian pasta dishes

The delicious Tortelli di Zucca considered a symbol of Mantuan cuisine and the Lombardy region, where they are served as the first course on Christmas Eve. The tortellini is filled with a mixture of boiled pumpkin,  amaretti – some cookies made with almond paste – mustard, parmesan cheese, and nutmeg. This recipe comes from the Middle Ages and is a real explosion of flavors. It is one of the Italian pasta dishes.

8. Spaghetti Carbonara (Rome)Italian pasta dishes

A classic that can not be missed in a good Italian table is spaghetti carbonara. And in a Spanish family either. The original recipe is cooked with eggs, parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil, guanciale, and black pepper. Although there are chefs and restaurants that prepare it with cream, for the Italians it is a big mistake. In the north of Italy it was an indispensable dish for the miners, hence its name, which comes from coal. It was also said that when you put the black pepper on the spaghetti gives the impression that it is charcoal.

9. Gnocci To La Romana (Rome)

The gnocchi or gnocchi is a type of pasta made with potato. Very famous in Roman gastronomy. Besides being rich, they are practical and very easy to prepare. You can cook them only with the sauce or add pieces of ham or bacon. They are accompanied by hot milk cream.

10. Tagliatelle Al Pesto (Genoa)Italian pasta dishes

Pesto is a cold Italian green sauce made with fresh basil leaves, garlic, olive oil, salt, pine nuts and cheese used to accompany some pasta dishes. One of them is the last of our list, the tagliatelle al pesto or what is the same noodles with pesto sauce.

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