5 easy pasta recipes for kids

The paste is a very important food that should be present in children ‘s diet because it is rich in carbohydrates,  essential in the development and growth of children. To help you vary in the kitchen and present to the kids this food always indifferent and tempting ways, we have found these  5 easy pasta recipes for kids that they will love.

With these children’s recipes, you can surprise children and also incorporate other foods that are sometimes difficult to include in the diet, such as vegetables. If you have not managed to tempt them even with the chocolate vegetables that we have shown you some time ago, you can try ‟hiding” the vegetables in the pasta, and these easy recipes that we teach you today can help you in the attempt. Do you want to see them?

Easy pasta recipes for kids

1 Pasta and chicken cupcakes

2 Delicious Pasta Salad

3 Spaghetti Hot Dog

4 Lasagna Cupcakes

5 Fresh multicolored pasta

Easy Pasta Recipes

Pasta and chicken cupcakes

How tempting these pasta and chicken cupcakes! Using a muffin mold, broken dough and preparation of cooked pasta al dente and chicken pieces, which you can season as you want (a béchamel sauce, cheese, cream, etc.), in a little while you can bake these baked pasta cakes, Surely the kids won’t be able to resist! You can vary the ingredients to include vegetables, or whatever you have at home.

Delicious Pasta Saladeasy pasta recipes for kids

In  Pequerecetas  we suggest 10 delicious pasta salad recipes  . Especially now that the heat is approaching, preparing cold pasta salads is a good way to continue incorporating this food, adding fresh and seasonal ingredients. Also, because of its color, children like it very much.

Spaghetti Hot Dog

This hilarious recipe presented in Pequerecetas will drive kids crazy. And who does not? These hot dog spaghetti are very easy to make, and no child resists hot dogs right? We had already proposed other fun recipes with sausages, but this is great!

Lasagna Cupcakes

Where is it written that lasagna has to be rectangular? I’m sure it will be easier for children to eat it if we present it in the form of lasagna cupcake. The ingredients are the same as in the meat lasagna, only instead of spreading the pasta in a bowl and making layers, we form a muffin mold with it and put the filling inside.

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Fresh multi-colored pastaeasy pasta recipes for kids

If we prepare fresh pasta at home, we can give it a fun touch by separating it into several portions and coloring it with food coloring. Children will not believe that this spaghetti is real! We can also dye the dough with natural ingredients such as spinach, peppers, carrots, etc. but the colors we will get will be less intense.

What do you think of these pasta recipes for children? I am sure that with these ideas you can encourage kids to eat pasta in different ways. Adding seasonings and varied ingredients every time.

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